Collect insights with a WhatsApp survey

Gather valuable feedback from customers with simple and effective surveys via WhatsApp.

Customer data is incredibly valuable to the growth and success of businesses

Insights and information can be collected from browsing and purchasing history but collecting direct feedback from busy customers can prove to be more challenging.

Asking for feedback on overcrowded channels or with inconvenient surveys that force customers to switch apps and browsers is not the best way to go about collecting data.

Offer customers easy and simple surveys on their favorite chat app. With WhatsApp surveys you can reach more customers and give them a fast way to provide feedback.

Simplify feedback surveys with WhatsApp

Businesses should be where their customers are. That’s why engaging with customers on WhatsApp will help brands offer convenience to every interaction including collecting feedback.

Pain points around feedback surveys include:

  • Filtering into spam messages
  • Switching to a new browser or app
  • Too many clicks
  • Repetitive and long surveys
  • Inaccurate feedback
  • Incomplete surveys

Improve the way you collect valuable feedback

When customers are faced with a survey that is more than a couple multiple choice questions, they view it as an inconvenience and either exit the survey or choose not to complete it. This leaves you with inaccurate data or sometimes no data at all.

WhatsApp surveys offer businesses:

  • Worldwide reach to connect with customers anywhere
  • Rich features to make answering questions simple
  • Automated responses to integrate surveys into a conversation
  • Ease-of-use by keeping everything in one chat

Integrate WhatsApp Business Platform API in an instant

Start unlocking opportunities to scale communications and grow engagement with a flexible API supported by developers.

  • Access detailed API documentation
  • Get 24/7 integration support
  • Create custom message templates

Learn how to create a survey on WhatsApp

Creating a survey on WhatsApp is simpler than you might think. With the right tools and information, you can craft personalized and simplified surveys that get you the data you need and save customers time and effort.

Discover our best practices for a WhatsApp survey

Get the most out of your WhatsApp surveys.

Keep it conversational

Customers get overwhelmed and often don’t complete surveys if they deem them too long. With Moments and WhatsApp, you can create flows that offer customers one question at a time, to present the survey as a conversation and not as a task they must complete.

Short and sweet

Don’t present customers will long surveys- they’ll most likely ignore your message, and you’ll lose out on some valuable feedback. Start sending shorter WhatsApp surveys that are tailored to your customer and their experience with your brand to make them more meaningful.

Use data to collect data

Pay attention to the data you’ve collected from other interactions you’ve had with customers over WhatsApp – the time of day they open the message, how often they respond and any other insights that can help you decided on the perfect moment to send a survey and get the highest responses.

Rich features

WhatsApp has a variety of message features that can help make your surveys more interesting and convenient. From reply buttons, list messages and one-character responses you can reduce the amount of effort it takes to complete a survey while still getting the feedback you need.

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