WhatsApp Business Platform features

Explore all the WhatsApp Business Platform features that can add value to your communications and improve customer experience.

Engage and satisfy your customers

Delight your customers with dynamic WhatsApp messaging features to elevate your interactions.  

Looking for a specific industry use case?

Read about our customers from your specific industry and discover unique ways you can apply WhatsApp business account features to optimize your interactions.

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The Infobip advantage

With our additional services and solutions, your brand can elevate marketing, sales, and support on WhatsApp and improve customer engagement.


Unify all user data in one place and use real-time analytics to deliver the personalized conversational experiences customers expect.

Integrate with your tech stack

Use our unified API to integrate existing business workflows and build efficient WhatsApp campaigns.

Customer experience consulting services

Our CX consultants will help you define your desired business outcomes and build a WhatsApp engagement strategy to help get you there.

SaaS solutions

Collect customer data in People CDP, automate personalized campaigns in Moments, build and deploy a custom chatbot in Answers, and offer better customer service with our cloud contact center, Conversations.

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