WhatsApp Business Platform pricing

The WhatsApp Business Platform pricing model is designed to encourage brands to interact more with customers and build better overall experiences throughout the customer journey.

Conversation-based pricing on WhatsApp

WhatsApp charges businesses per 24-hour conversations, with unlimited messages within the session. Both businesses and customers can initiate a conversation, although rates will vary between the two.

What is a WhatsApp conversation?

WhatsApp defines a conversation as a fixed 24-hour session that includes all messages delivered to a customer, not messages sent. If a message is sent and not delivered, then the conversation has not started, and it won’t be charged.

When does a 24-hour session start?

When a customer sends a delivered message and the business replies with a delivered message.

When a business sends a message and the message is delivered.

whatsapp business charges based on customer-initiated conversation

The perks of WhatsApp Business Platform pricing

Free conversations

The first 1,000 conversations per registered WhatsApp Business Account are free of charge every month.

Free entry points

Customer-initiated conversations through Facebook and Instagram ads that click to WhatsApp, or through call-to-action buttons on a Facebook Page are free of charge.

Migrate to a WhatsApp Business Platform account with Infobip

Port your existing WhatsApp account to the Infobip platform.

Get started with no hassle and no downtime, and start having interactive conversations with customers.

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