Automate interactions with WhatsApp Business Platform API

Program and send messages, notifications, updates, and receive customer inquiries in real time over a comprehensive API.

Create conversational experiences with WhatsApp API over the world’s most robust platform

Easily send and receive messages, use predefined buttons, and share rich media with your customers. Get started with our trial version, which allows you to experience two-way communication on WhatsApp and optimize your customers’ experience.

Leverage the full potential of WhatsApp by harnessing the capabilities of the Infobip platform. Integrate other applications or channels, and delivering exceptional customer support using our cloud contact center, Conversations API.

Explore WhatsApp API conversational use cases

Send transactional messages on WhatsApp

Discover all you need to know about transactional WhatsApp messages and how they keep your customers engaged, informed and satisfied.

Collect insights with a WhatsApp survey

Gather valuable feedback from customers with simple and effective surveys via WhatsApp.

Boost ROI with WhatsApp promotional messages

Promote your products and services on WhatsApp to get better visibility and maximize your investment in your customers’ favorite chat app.

Verify identities with WhatsApp OTPs

Provide customers with a simple way to verify their identity on a chat app they know and love.

Enable ordering on WhatsApp

Guide customers through their purchasing journey by offering ordering options on the world’s most popular chat app.

Accept appointment bookings over WhatsApp

Offer customers a simpler way to book, reschedule and cancel appointments while avoiding call centers or busy front desks.

Explore WhatsApp Business Platform API key features

Message templates

Create and use pre-approved message templates to communicate with your customers, such as order confirmations, shipping updates, and appointment reminders.

Messaging automation

Set up automated messaging workflows to handle common customer inquiries, such as frequently asked questions, product information, and support requests.

Rich customer profiles

Target specific customer segments with personalized messages and promotions, based on location, interests, and purchase history.

Analyze messaging performance and customer engagement through built-in analytics and reporting tools with People CDP available in Conversations API

Integrate WhatsApp Business Platform API in an instant

Start unlocking opportunities to scale communications and grow engagement with a flexible API supported by developers.

  • Access detailed API documentation
  • Get 24/7 integration support
  • Create custom message templates

Streamline business processes to improve engagement and customer satisfaction

{Improved customer service}

Integrate WhatsApp Business Platform API and start responding to customer queries and complaints quickly and efficiently to achieve higher customer satisfaction.

{Best in class security}

Secure your messages and ensure they cannot be intercepted by third parties with WhatsApp Business Platform API’s end-to-end encryption.

{Higher cost-efficiency}

Lower costs with WhatsApp Business Platform API as compared to using traditional messaging channels. Explore a cost-effective and convenient way to communicate with your customers.

Benefit from using the WhatsApp Business Platform API with Infobip

450 billion+ interactions per year

Achieve the highest delivery rates and scale your messages as you grow on our secure platform.

9,700+ operator-partner connections

And 800+ direct operator connections to facilitate reliable messaging and use cases anywhere in the world.

40+ data centers

Our worldwide data centers help you keep operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Highest standards of compliance

Send compliant messages anywhere in the world and in line with local regulations.

24/7 support

Always-on support and network monitoring available with expert service.

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