Send transactional messages on WhatsApp

All you need to know about transactional WhatsApp messages and how they keep your customers engaged, informed and satisfied.

What is a transactional WhatsApp message?

WhatsApp Business Platform allows businesses to connect with their customers on a reliable and popular chat app, adding convenience and familiarity with every interaction.

Businesses can send transactional messages via WhatsApp to inform, alert and update customers on anything relating to their accounts or purchases. These messages are ideal for keeping customers informed about any urgent or valuable updates they should know about.

Sending transactional messages via WhatsApp gives your critical messages the visibility and scalability they need to be effective and offer value to the customer. You can go a step further and automate these transactional messages to offer better customer service, improved engagement and satisfied customers.

Discover types of transactional messages on WhatsApp

Make sure your customers are always informed by sending transactional messages on a channel they frequently use and trust. Build trust around your brand by sending the right type of transactional messages to the right customers exactly when they need them.

Welcome customers on WhatsApp

Engage with your customers immediately by sending welcome messages via WhatsApp. You can send them registration information, FAQ sheets or anything else a new customer may need to get their onboarding started.

Ideal for: Retail, banking, telcos, healthcare, and educational institutions

Confirm orders and bookings

Ensure your customers know their payments and bookings have gone through. Customers are instantly updated and can rest assured that their order has been accepted and they can reach out to you for more information on WhatsApp.

Ideal for: Travel, booking, hospitality, retail and eCommerce companies.

Send an invoice via WhatsApp

With rich media features, businesses can send their customers invoices via WhatsApp. After a purchase, an event-triggered message can be sent to customers along with their invoice to ensure they are updated on their purchases and have all the documentation they need on a channel they know and love.

Ideal for: Telcos, banking and finance, retail and eCommerce companies.

Confirm password reset

Update customers on any changes to their security features including password resets over WhatsApp. Customers can confirm or alert you instantly if they did not make changes to their password. Help build trustworthiness around your brand and ensure your customers’ accounts are secure with these transactional messages.

Ideal for: Banks, eCommerce, telcos, travel and hospitality companies.

Verify customer identity

Send automated verification messages when customers attempt to login or there is suspicious activity. Safeguard your customers’ data and account information by sending transactional messages on WhatsApp and ensure they confirm their identity and activity before they login.

Ideal for: Banks, eCommerce, telcos, healthcare, and travel companies.

Confirm appointments

Send appointment confirmations and reminders to decrease no-shows and help keep customers informed. Your customers rely on you to ensure they don’t miss important appointments. Send transactional appointment messages on WhatsApp to keep them updated and informed.

Ideal for: Telco, banking and healthcare companies.

Send alerts for event changes

Ensure your customers are regularly updated on any event changes including location, time and venues. Avoid miscommunication pain points by sending alerts over their favorite chat app. Customers can rely on you to provide them with accurate and timely updates, so they never miss a beat.

Ideal for: Airlines, hotel, entertainment and retail companies

Confirm bill payments

Confirm that you received your customers’ payments via WhatsApp. This transactional message will help keep your customers informed and avoid any double payments or pain points around settling their invoices. Automate this process to ensure they get these messages on time and keep customers satisfied.

Ideal for: Telcos, healthcare, banking and finance and educational institutions

Alert customers of unusual activity

Send urgent alerts via WhatsApp to have customers confirm or deny any unusual activity on their accounts. Help avoid fraudulent activity by instantly notifying customers and helping secure their assets and information.

Ideal for: Banking, healthcare, telcos and eCommerce companies.

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Benefits from sending transactional WhatsApp messages with Infobip

Transactional messages keep your customers updated and informed, giving your brand credibility as a reliable service provider. Keep your interactions engaging and customer-centric by creating automated message flows with Infobip.

Simple integration

Don’t waste time on integrating complex programs and systems. Our API is simple and allows you to quickly add WhatsApp as an engagement channel. Coding isn’t for you? Then add WhatsApp through our robust platform and start crafting messages instantly.

Scalable messaging

As your business grows and your audience widens, scale your messaging without any friction. Increase the amount of WhatsApp messages and flows you send to reach customers wherever they are and keep your business growing.

Greater loyalty

Watch your customers’ loyalty increase with transactional messages over WhatsApp. By sending and crafting the right messages on the most reliable platform over the most popular chat app, your customers will always be updated and informed, increasing their loyalty to your brand.

Highly compliant

Wherever your business is, our up-to-date compliancy engine ensures that every transactional WhatsApp message is in line with local laws. Keep your engaging messages flowing without any backlash.

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How to get started with sending transactional WhatsApp messages

Easy-to-use API

Quickly integrate WhatsApp Business API into any existing systems you use. Add your favorite communication channel and start sending transactional WhatsApp messages to your customers in no time.

We offer 24/7 integration support, so your transactional messages are always sent and delivered on time. Create the right message flows so your customers are updated after they complete an action or if your brand needs to broadcast a message.

Reliable platform

Start using WhatsApp over our robust and reliable platform. No coding required with simple drag and drop options and automated workflows.

Design transactional messages with the help of our CX consultants to ensure you get the most out of every message you send. From a single dashboard you can segment audiences, craft broadcast messages, send event or behavior-based messages and offer immediate support to customers over WhatsApp

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