Infobip highest ranking vendor in Juniper Research Conversational Commerce Competitor Leaderboard

Juniper Research has ranked global communications platform Infobip as the highest-scoring vendor in its latest Conversational Commerce Competitor Leaderboard.

Outperforming all its competitors, Juniper Research recognizes Infobip as a “market leader that is constantly evolving”, evidenced by its acquisitions and the onboarding of new platforms, such as WeChat.

Strong acquisitions

The analyst notes how recent acquisitions have helped Infobip strengthen its presence in the U.S. These include Infobip’s purchase of messaging heavyweight OpenMarket in November 2021 and VOIP operator Peerless Network, which completed in July last year.

Juniper also mentions Infobip’s acquisitions of Shift Conference in April 2021 and Netokracija, a business technology magazine, in July 2022 to boost its capacity for developer relations, enter the business-to-develop segment and strengthen its offer to the developer community.

Noting Infobip’s ability to support many global channels, including RCS, WhatsApp, and Messenger as well as regional ones such as WeChat, KakaoTalk, and LINE, Juniper says Infobip is well placed to “capitalize on the conversational commerce market”.

Juniper Research also highlights Infobip’s partnerships with payment service and other software providers, such as Shopify and Salesforce, which enable the firm to provide a complete “conversational commerce experience through the use of personalisation, omnichannel and payment facilitation”.

Comprehensive offer

Out of ten attributes across capacity & capability and product & positioning, Juniper Research gave Infobip the highest rating for its marketing and branding, experience in the conversational commerce market, conversational commerce service & product offering, conversational commerce product strength, and future business prospects.

Juniper’s report also outlines Infobip’s extensive conversational commerce product offering, including two-way SMS, two-factor authentication, OTT messaging solutions, omnichannel messaging, MNO solutions, RCS, and mobile identity. The report also highlights Infobip’s platform solutions, including cloud contact center Conversations, omnichannel customer engagement platform Moments, intelligent chatbot building platform Answers, and customer data platform People.

Trusted worldwide

As a result of its strong offering, Infobip is trusted by more than 10,000 clients worldwide, including Bolt, Costco, Uber, Unilever, UNICEF, and Vodafone, to name a few. Moreover, Infobip has many strategic partnerships, including with Google, Adobe, Meta and Microsoft.

Juniper Research concluded that “Infobip’s ability to embed additional value-added services, such as generative AI, QR codes, and diverse payment options, into its platform creates depth” with existing communication channels. By doing so, Infobip enhances the conversational commerce customer experience and secures its first place in Juniper Research’s latest Conversational Commerce Competitor Leaderboard.

Jul 5th, 2023
2 min read