Are you ready for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday messaging surge?

Martina Ivanović

This year, messaging interactions on Black Friday and Cyber Monday are expected to skyrocket:

  • Black Friday is predicted to see a 102% messaging increase compared to an estimated average day in November, 81% more than the average Friday 
  • Cyber Monday is predicted to see a 60% messaging increase compared to an estimated average day in November  

Businesses need to be prepared and look for a solution that can manage such a high number of messages sent in a single day. The thing all retailers want to avoid on BFCM is their system crashing, messages going undelivered and customers feeling ignored.

A robust platform that delivers high throughput will help businesses manage their communications and bring their marketing strategies to the next level.

This blog will cover predictions for the Black Friday & Cyber Monday messaging surge and a few tips to ensure your messaging is reliable and delivered properly this shopping season.

Prediction of messaging rise during BF & CM

In the last few years, online shopping has increased significantly. And because of this year’s high inflation and cost of living, BFCM is forecasted to be one of the biggest sales periods as shoppers are searching for the best deals they can find. That’s why businesses are expected to start their deals earlier and extend them after the BFCM weekend.

We will see a rise in omnichannel marketing with a greater focus on automated customer support to attract more customers and increase satisfaction.

Let’s take a look how our analysts predict messaging channels will be used this year:

  • SMS is known as the most-used channel for the shopping season. This year, an 88% increase in interactions is expected for Black Friday and 45% for Cyber Monday compared to the average estimated amount for all of November.
  • Interactions through WhatsApp are expected to increase by 19% on Black Friday compared to an average day in November and 41% on Cyber Monday compared to the average for all of November.
  • We expect to see a rise in Email interactions by 84% on Black Friday compared to the average day in November and 21% on Cyber Monday compared to the estimated average for all of November.
  • As for Viber, interactions are expected to increase by 164% on Black Friday alone compared to the average day in November.
  • Voice interactions are expected to increase by 30% on Black Friday compared to the average day in November and 64% on Cyber Monday compared to the estimated amount for all of November.

Build a foundation for messaging

Martech, B2B eCommerce, and customer engagement platforms need to prepare for a massive influx of requests and messages from retailers. Customers expect the same speed and ease of communication on these peak days as they would on a regular Monday.

To meet these high expectations and keep processes running smoothly, platforms need to look for a communications technology partner who can successfully meet their customers’ expectations with:

  • No interruptions 
  • High throughput 
  • No downtime on their platform  
  • Platform reliability with a wide range of channels 
  • Always-on local support  

How Infobip can help

Infobip solutions will help you deliver better engagement for your customers on the busiest shopping days of the year. We ensure your processes and interactions run smoothly with:

  • 40+ data centers that offer stability, service continuity and low latency for platforms 
  • 700+ direct operator connections that ensure messages are always delivered on the fastest and highest quality route, while meeting all local compliance requirements 
  • CPaaS capabilities that offer an unrivalled portfolio of channels to choose from. Ensure messages are always delivered, whether on your channel of choice or through fallback channels 

What retail businesses can do

Businesses should level up generic BFCM messages by personalizing interactions and targeting the right audience. By adopting Infobip solutions, retailers can offer better engagement during the busy shopping season.


Start by integrating various channels to your communications stack by adopting a CPaaS solution. Offer customers a variety of ways to reach out to your business based on their preferences. Your messages will have a higher rate of delivery through CPaaS thanks to fallback channels.

A customer data platform

Collect all your customer data in one place. Gather valuable information from past interactions and browsing behavior to build detailed customer profiles that help you segment your audience for the right messages and campaigns.

An omnichannel customer engagement solution

Create personalized messaging flows and targeted campaigns for the right customers on BFCM. Choose the perfect channel and time to engage with them and help boost interactions, conversions and overall sales.

Cloud contact center

Allow agents to have a full view of customer conversations on one platform. They can manage multiple conversations on multiple channels to offer customers faster and more efficient support on some of the busiest days of the year.

Chatbot building platform

Craft the ideal chatbot for your business to offer self-service options to customers and lower the demand for agents to work on high-volume low-value inquiries. End-users can get their questions answered instantly and on their preferred channel.

CX consultancy

Create ideal workflows and campaigns based on your audience with the help of CX consultancy. Working with a team of experts will help your business find the best combination of solutions and channels to boost ROI and engagement during one of the busiest messaging seasons of the year.

Make it conversational

Take advantage of the vast number of messages expected for BFCM 2022. By adapting conversational commerce tactics and automating sales processes, businesses and platforms can create personalized end-to-end customer journeys that includes purchasing. Reduce pain points, offer better engagement and increase conversions by guiding customers through a seamless conversational journey on their favorite channel.

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Oct 28th, 2022
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Martina Ivanović