Bring Your Own Carrier explained: Voice, SMS, and MMS

Find out how you can switch your Voice, SMS, and MMS traffic to Infobip and keep using your carriers and cloud contact center for better deliverability.

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Monika Karlović

Content Marketing Specialist

Despite the surge of mobile technology and digital channels, voice calls, SMS, and MMS have remained integral ways that brands interact and engage with their customers. That means the delivery and quality of calls and messages across these channels has to be premium in order to provide the best possible service.  

To do that, businesses need a Tier 1 provider with high deliverability rates and reliable connections. That might mean you’ll have to switch providers which can introduce some challenges like:  

  • Integration complexity 
  • Data migration 
  • Sending traffic during migration 
  • Migrating new short codes 
  • Risk for downtime, missed messages, and failed calls 

So how can businesses ensure enhanced control of their messages on these channels, scalability, and cost-efficiency while switching providers? Cue Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) with Infobip.  

In this blog we will break down what BYOC is, how it works for Voice, SMS, and MMS, and how your business can benefit from switching to traffic to Infobip.

What does Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) mean?

In short, Bring Your Own Carrier gives businesses the option to integrate and use their preferred carriers when switching over to a cloud communications platform.  

Imagine you’re a restaurant owner, known for a unique menu and delicious food. You have a strong relationship with your food suppliers who provide you with high-quality ingredients.  

The only problem you have is that the food delivery service you have in place is slow, expensive, and makes too many stops along the way, leading to missing ingredients at times and late deliveries.  

You’re now considering partnering with a technology-driven food delivery program that offers better delivery logistics and exposure to a wider customer base.

This partner has relationships with all the food suppliers in your area- including the ones you already use. That means you can essentially bring your own supplier if you decide to switch to this delivery program without any interruption to your service.  

So, you can still get the quality ingredients you and your customers love, but with faster and more reliable delivery than before.  

BYOC with Infobip allows you to remain with your existing carriers (suppliers), keep and migrate your short codes and transfer your traffic (ingredients), and ensure delivery is uninterrupted and consistent during this process. 

Continue reading to find out how BYOC works for Voice traffic as well as SMS and MMS.  

BYOC trunking for Voice carrier services

Many contact center solutions do not specialize in voice connections and traffic. They may offer voice as a channel, but it likely isn’t cost effective or as flexible as you might need. The goal of most contact center providers isn’t focused on voice delivery.

They focus on the overall continuity of customer communications. As advantageous as this is for businesses, it doesn’t mean every aspect of their service is optimized, which can be a problem for businesses that rely heavily on voice to connect with customers.  

Instead of relying on a predefined voice connection from your contact center, you can switch your traffic and keep your phone number with Infobip using BYOC trunking and keep using your existing contact center solution without any complications or interruptions.  

What does that mean for our business?

  • A more cost-efficient Voice service 
  • More convenient connections  
  • Ease of use 
  • Migration completed within standard DID porting intervals 

Infobip has special partnerships with contact centers, which makes it even easier to stick with your existing platform, and transfer Voice traffic to a Tier 1 provider.  

Being a Tier 1 provider means we take a phone call and deliver it to/from the destination it is meant to go without going through another provider. And with the acquisition of the Peerless Network, we can ensure that all USA traffic is not being handed off and points of failure are greatly reduced.  

BYOC connections allows you to continue using your contact center platform for what is does best, and we’ll take care of the Voice traffic – no heavy lifting necessary.  

BYOC for SMS and MMS traffic

Switching to a new SMS and MMS provider can be challenging, mainly because of the risk of downtime and messages not being delivered that are associated with transferring your short codes.  

But the migration process doesn’t have to be complicated and risky. BYOC for SMS and MMS ensures you have a hassle-free short code migration process, where you can strictly focus on your customers and business and leave the technical processes to us.  

Typically, every carrier follows a different migration process and at different speeds. This means that the short codes you have with each carrier would be migrated at different times when you switch providers. This could cause some serious problems in delivery even weeks after the migration processes have started.  

As a leader in SMS and MMS messaging, we have close connections with all major carriers, and a reliable migration process in place: 

  1. We integrate with your current SMS and MMS provider 
  2. We perform a migration of each carrier involved 
  3. For carriers that have transferred your short code we can send messages directly to end-users, and for those that take longer, we use the integration with your old provider to continue sending messages without interruption 
  4. We regularly check the status of all the carrier migrations 
  5. Once the migration is done, we stop using your old provider and all your traffic now goes through Infobip. 

So, what do you need to do in this process? 

Connect to Infobip and continue to send your SMS and MMS messages as normal over the Infobip platform – as simple as that. 

Why should you switch your Voice, SMS, and MMS traffic to Infobip? 

As an omnichannel industry leader, we can offer the best Voice, SMS, and MMS service for reliable delivery and secure messaging.  

Global reach: You can easily scale your messages as you grow and reach customers anywhere in the world thanks to our 800+ direct operator connections.  

Compliancy and security: We adhere to various compliancy regulations including HIPPA, GDPR, and TCPA, which means we help you send compliant messages in any region.  

High delivery rates: Our SMS service is backed by 15 years of experience and development, which enables us to reach the highest deliverability rates for SMS and MMS services.  

Quick number provisioning: Short codes, long codes and 10DLC are available almost instantly in 150 countries.

Contact us to find out how to bring your own carrier for Voice, SMS, and MMS, and start streamlining your communications with customers with a reliable and industry-leading provider.

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Sep 6th, 2023
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Content Marketing Specialist

Monika Karlović

Content Marketing Specialist