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How to chose an MMS provider?

Your MMS communication strategy can only be as good as your provider. Find out what to look for in a service provider to ensure your MMS interactions yield the best results.

How to get started with MMS

Now that you know everything about MMS messaging, you’re ready to create successful messaging campaigns and drastically increase engagement with your customers.

The reliability of SMS combined with the power of interactive media makes MMS a very strong communication channel which shouldn’t be overlooked.

Choosing the most capable MMS provider will help you build the right use cases for your customers, reach your KPIs, boost engagement though MMS.

What to look for in an MMS provider

Looking for a provider?

Bring your own carrier

Transferring your Short Codes to a new messaging solutions provider can be daunting. It risks downtime and undelivered messages which ultimately costs money. Your migration should run like clockwork – with no undelivered messages, no downtime, and no uncertainty.  

To solve this, we’ve introduced Bring Your Own Carrier – a service which empowers businesses with a hassle-free Short Code migration process. We do all the heavy lifting so you can concentrate on your business and customers. We also take care of ported numbers and identify which number belongs to which carrier.

Why is this important?

Short Codes are valuable assets. The challenge when switching communication providers is that each carrier follows different migration processes at different speeds. This means that even a few weeks after you start migrating, your messaging traffic could be traveling through different providers; not to mention the struggle of trying to figure out which customer belongs to which carrier.  

As a leading communication solutions provider, we have close relationships with all major carriers and long-established migration procedures in place.