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The complete guide to MMS marketing for businesses

In a world of instant communication, dominated by digital channels, we’ve forgotten where it all started: mobile messaging. Discover why MMS is still a staple channel for your marketing communication.

In the modern tech world, old often means obsolete. But you’d be surprised to learn that MMS is actually more relevant and engaging than you would expect. In North America, it’s one of the most reliable ways for businesses to communicate in a rich and engaging manner.

In the United States, we’ve observed 19% more interactions on our platform in 2022 than in 2021. 

This guide is your single source of everything you need to know about MMS messaging and why it’s still a strong contender in the communication space. Also, you will learn how MMS can amp up your marketing strategy. 

Let’s take a deep dive into all you need to know about MMS, starting with the basics.

2.2 trillion

MMS and SMS sent in 2020 in the US alone

What is MMS and why use it for marketing?

Multimedia Messaging Service is a standard form of messaging available on all mobile phones. While SMS is text-only, MMS lets you send different kinds of media along with text. Instead of a plain message, you can include imagessounds and videos.

This allows you to create a fully customized, rich message specifically tailored to your communication needs. You can even choose different fonts and change the color of the text in order to emphasize certain words and improve engagement. 

Key features of MMS

Let’s uncover the features that make MMS stand out as more than just “SMS with pictures”.

When to use MMS instead of SMS?

Compared to SMS, which is ideal for short, text-only messages, MMS allows you to share multimedia content for a more engaging experience.

mms compared to sms

Pros and cons of MMS compared to SMS


– Higher character limit than SMS
– Supports multimedia messages
– Better for creative messages (promotions, coupons, QR codes)


– Limited file size  
– Costlier than SMS (due to multimedia content)
– Higher chance of undelivered messages (MMS is not supported on all devices)

How can MMS and SMS work together?

Because of their differences and individual pros and cons, using both channels in combination can make your communication and marketing efforts much more effective. 

In an effective omnichannel communication strategy you don’t have to choose between the two, but can use both, leveraging each’s best features depending on the context. 

Tips for using MMS with SMS

To make sure you’re building a fool-proof messaging strategy that includes both channels, take a look at some tips that can help you get there.

FAQs about MMS

Still have questions about MMS messaging? Read on for frequently asked questions about this messaging channel.

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