CPaaS has evolved! Introducing CPaaS X for Platforms

The future of CPaaS is now. Find out more about the unified API approach with our solution CPaaS X for B2B platform businesses.

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Dave Hitchins

Senior Content Marketing Specialist

The CPaaS market is in a phase of significant growth as businesses of all sizes recognize the benefits of leveraging the cloud communication model and the ease of adopting new channels. By partnering with a specialist CPaaS provider they can get immediate benefit without the risk and overheads of developing their own solutions.

But with so many new customer types entering the market, it has become apparent to industry experts that a one-size-fits-all approach to the provision of communication services is no longer acceptable.

For example, what about platform companies that have unique requirements and their own customers to keep happy? Customers with very different needs and business goals, but who nonetheless demand a bespoke but cost-effective solution.

For these organizations a vanilla CPaaS solution is not going to be enough to differentiate their service in a competitive market.

What they need is a more advanced communication service that ticks all their boxes:

  • Channel flexibility with no increase in deployment and management overheads.
  • Automation that brings immediate and tangible benefits, not just promises of future returns.  
  • Ability to scale communication up and down during the natural cycles of the year.
  • Optimized costs by reducing waste and minimizing management and reporting effort.

Luckily for them the intense activity in the market has stimulated the creativity of one forward-thinking CPaaS provider who has bridged the gap between these requirements and the capabilities of existing platforms.

Through a process of co-creation with our platform partners, Infobip has evolved the concept of CPaaS to enable platform companies to truly fulfill their potential and provide a better, more tailored, and more cost-effective service to their customers.

Let’s take a look at how our new solution CPaas X can help them do this.

How platform companies can benefit from an evolved CPaaS model

Businesses that provide communication services to a global set of customers did not choose an easy life. Not only are the requirements of every customer different, but the communication landscape in the countries they operate in may be completely dissimilar in terms of channel usage and legislation.

For example, launching a conversational marketing campaign across multiple countries means the primary and failover messaging channel mix may include SMS, MMS, RCS, Email, and multiple messaging apps depending on market penetration in each region.

Our latest messaging trends report provides some fascinating insights into the popularity of the many chat apps available around the world. The example we have used before is how WhatsApp may be the biggest single app globally in terms of usage, but it isn’t even available in the giant market of China, and is behind apps like LINE, Viber and WeChat in many countries.

Being able to reach consumers on their preferred channel is the basis of an effective omnichannel communication strategy – and CPaaS is a key enabler in the following ways.

Increased agility

Agile development methodology is a proven technique for creating and releasing high quality products that meet specific business requirements – all with the minimum engineering effort, maximum efficiency, and the ability to respond quickly to changing market requirements.

Sound familiar?  These are the exact goals that platform companies are looking to achieve with their services, and CPaaS can help in a number of key ways.

Learn by doing with easy channel adoption: By making it quick and easy to adopt new messaging channels, platforms can build proof of concepts and do AB testing to see what works and what doesn’t – and because they have invested minimal time and resources, they can confidently throw away things that don’t. The agile concept of ‘failing fast’ encourages an iterative approach to communication solution design that leads to faster innovation and the shortest route to success.

Speed up time to market: The CPaaS model gives platform companies early access to new technology so that they can start generating revenue while their competitors are still building their own solutions. This could be new features released by established providers like WhatsApp or an entirely new channel or technology. The meteoric rise of ChatGPT has been a perfect example of this, as we have followed our own philosophy of learning by doing and built an integration that enables Infobip customers to explore our extensive product documentation through a ChatGPT powered interface.

In addition, by being able to automate the client onboarding process, platforms can get their customers up and actively sending traffic quickly and consistently, removing bottlenecks associated with manual set up.

Empowered staff: CPaaS X simplifies the management of your communication solution so that tasks that previously required a developer or technical person can now either be automated or handled by non-technical staff. The ability to self-serve increases both velocity and reduces costs.

Achieve more with less engineering effort

With a modular API stack, CPaaS X can handle all channel orchestration and failover logic. It can also automatically monitor traffic in real-time and notify you when specific events are triggered, saving you the manual task of wading through reams of irrelevant reporting data to find the stats you are interested in. Enable your developers to concentrate on valuable new use cases and automate the everyday tasks that take up too much time.

Manage multiple channels with a unified CPaaS API

In case you are not familiar with the concept of a unified API you could think of it as a shared language spoken by different technologies.

Imagine three engineers from a global company meeting up to discuss a project. They might be from Japan, China, and Brazil and be fluent in their mother tongues, but they will communicate in a basic form of English that is more than sufficient to achieve their goals. This is the same role that a unified API plays.

In an omnichannel communication solution each channel will have diverse and rich functionality, but a lot of it will be specific to that channel. The unified API covers the shared functionality and configuration that is consistent across multiple channels – making it far easier to orchestrate and manage omnichannel messaging.

Enhance every aspect of the platform experience

CPaaS X is not just a one-trick pony – it can add value throughout the client journey and enables client-specific configuration and reporting that was not previously an option.

1. Onboarding

A more granular API enables clients to be added to the platform as individual entities, which makes it simple to allocate resources and monitor activity and resource consumption per client. This significantly increases the speed that clients can be onboarded and automates many of the domain and number provisioning tasks that were previously done manually.

2. Support for multiple environments

With CPaaS X you can easily create multiple environments, each with its own configuration to cater for specific use cases, or identical configuration to support a Test, Staging, and Production approach.

3. Flexible and scalable sending

With a unified API it is now possible to use a single API call to connect multiple channels to enable clients to benefit from seamlessly automated messaging using different channel options. CPaaS X can also optimize traffic distribution across channels and trigger failover messages when necessary.

4. Real-time monitoring and reporting

With an API that enables clients to be added as individual entities, reporting is both easier and more in-depth with easy access to consumption reports and reporting per customer, use case, or resource type. With continuous and automated monitoring of traffic, any anomalies and potentially fraudulent activity can be spotted early, and action taken before it has an impact.

Fulfill your platform’s potential with a leading CPaaS provider

You want to scale your platform, adopt new channels, and explore new overseas markets but you also want to minimize risk. We understand this, and we are in the ideal position to help. We have once again been named as a ‘Leader’ in the IDC Marketscape CPaaS vendor assessment – with the report noting both the quality of our services and ability to support global expansion.

Consider Infobip if global scale and local, regional support are key requirements for your company. Infobip’s comprehensive portfolio of services spans telco as well as enterprise needs, ranging from carrier-grade services and CPaaS to highly customized SaaS services and support.”

Built specifically to meet the needs of platform companies, CPaaS X has raised the bar of what is achievable for platforms. We would love to help yours achieve the success that it is capable of.

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Jun 9th, 2023
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Senior Content Marketing Specialist

Dave Hitchins

Senior Content Marketing Specialist