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Julie Franzese

Head of Services Sales

Customers today live in a world with 24/7 access to almost anything, leaving companies eagerly competing to provide a superior customer experience. However, that’s not always easy to do as customer expectations for personalized digital experiences evolve daily.

In fact, 2 out of 3 customers consider switching brands after encountering a bad experience, and 86% would pay more for a better experience. As a result, most businesses invest human and financial capital in enhancing the customer experience, but some are still struggling to deliver value. So what’s the issue here?

Creating an effective customer experience is not only about selling great products and services but also about creating personalized touchpoints with people that can promote and grow your brand through friends and family. It’s all about delivering value and making customers a priority. Simply put, if you fail to meet their expectations, they will leave you.

While every customer journey is unique, all successful ones begin with a strategy. Here, we introduce our new comprehensive CX consulting service and how we can help you capture the value of satisfying customer experiences to gain a competitive advantage and drive customer loyalty.

Why was the Infobip CX Consulting service created?

Over the past ten years, businesses have gone through yet another revolution. They’ve moved beyond the age of information to the age of the customer, which is all about keeping your customers satisfied and finding ways to surprise and delight them. And, if done right, you’ve got a real recipe for enormous success.

The combination of the age of information and the age of the customer has borne the need for a digital transformation within the customer experience. And thanks to the pandemic, this has accelerated the need exponentially, forcing businesses to effectively map the customer experience and ensure consistency and quality across every touchpoint.

Infobip has been consulting and delivering value to thousands of customers since messaging was first introduced 20 years ago. We’ve worked effortlessly over the years to drive our customers’ digital transformation journeys, advising them on how to use our solutions and help them exceed their customers’ expectations.

And like all good ideas, the need for a CX consulting team came from our customers. Our main goal is to help customers understand and capture the value of a robust customer experience that drives business growth.

What types of CX engagements has the team dealt with?

Our team of CX consultants have worked with a wide range of industries and organizations, both large and small – from digital natives to well-established enterprise and government organizations. These include banking and fintech, large retailers and e-commerce platforms, hospitality, healthcare and pharmaceutical, and even a leading global international sporting events organization.

Surprisingly, most of these industries came to us with similar questions:

  • How do we improve and automate the customer journey and increase my NPS scores?
  • How do we eliminate friction during the customer onboarding process?
  • How do we navigate between physical and digital touchpoints?
  • What do we do about a lack of integration across our disparate data platforms?

What does the process look like for a consulting engagement with the CX Consultants?

We start every engagement assuming we are part of the customer’s core strategy. The team works hard to understand the current state fully and then defines and structures the problem.

They do an in-depth analysis, synthesize their findings, produce a comprehensive report that includes a clearly defined and realistic solution and a roadmap to success and they work closely with the client to deliver the solution on time and within budget.

For example, a large enterprise came to us with their call center customer service issues. The CX consultants reduced the customer’s waiting time by 96%, resulting in increased agent productivity by 78% and a significant increase in NPS scores.

What factors or qualifications do you consider when selecting a CX consultant?

All of our consultants come from diverse backgrounds. They have extensive customer experience, product development, and marketing knowledge. Their backgrounds and proficiency run the full range – from mathematical engineers to psychologists.

We only employ consultants who can solve our client’s most complex issues whilst keeping up with the latest trends in customer service innovation. And they are all fully certified in conversational and behavioral design, behavioral economics, and design thinking.

There has been a lot of talk about future shifts for CX that may impact a significant change in customer expectations; what is the next big important push for CX?

There are two primary shifts in CX currently. One is customer behavior prediction, getting in front of customers’ needs and wants and delivering before they even ask.

Many of our team members are schooled in behavioral economics, and they can work with our customers to help design technology like chatbots that can:

  • understand human behavior,
  • recognize the customer’s intent, and
  • instantly provide information on any channel and anytime.

The second big shift is the metaverse. Although we may think it’s still a bit early, it’s coming, and people are starting to get ready. As a mother of a teenager obsessed with video games, I’ve seen firsthand how this will take off and become an integral part of the customer experience.

We can all see now what a virtual shopping experience will look like and how valuable that can be both to the customer and the company. AI-powered digital humans will react to consumer issues face-to-face and in-person, and the metaverse will blur the barrier even further.

Therefore, companies can productize experiences and offer more automated human-like support to change the value of CX and drive long-term business outcomes.

The realm of possibilities is endless when it comes to the metaverse reshaping the future of customer experience. Still, it’s more likely to be an addition to the channel mix rather than a replacement for today’s digital and human-driven CX.

Drive your CX transformation with Infobip

Agility, resilience, and flexibility are three key factors of an effective CX strategy. We believe that getting the balance right between automating the process and equipping your customer-facing employees with the proper tools will move you on the right track.

At Infobip, we enable our consultants with data-driven insights, as well as our expertise in new technologies and omnichannel digital experience to help you provide superior CX at scale with personalized messaging.

Together, we’ll define your desired business outcomes, and our customer experience consultants will create a plan to help you build a powerful CX strategy that exceeds expectations.

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May 27th, 2022
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Julie Franzese

Head of Services Sales