Fracht Logistics Improves Communication with Infobip SMS

Ana Rukavina

Having a vast transport fleet and operating traffic management systems means that communication is at a premium. Such is the case with Fracht Logistics Solutions, one of the leading Latvian transport and logistics companies serving Europe and the Baltic region.

The company looked to take communications to a new level, with a solution that is mobile, global and functional across all mobile platforms and devices, so it can deliver instant service information to drivers and clients alike.

After successful integration of Infobip’s 2-Way SMS into Fracht systems, the company was able to very quickly roll out full functionality and implement such communications capability.

Their drivers are now able to contact HQ for assistance while on the road. Any update or request is met with a prompt response over a dedicated mobile number. Also, the company can now send out group or individual SMS messages to its drivers, conveying useful traffic information and alerts.

Giving our drivers a direct line of immediate communication, regardless of where they are on the road, is very important: they feel connected and confident they will get the best support from their colleagues. It’s a crucial part of our ambition to provide the best transport and logistics services.

Renatas Slenderis – Member of the Board at Fracht Logistics

Sep 17th, 2014
1 min read

Ana Rukavina