How Digital Marketing Agencies can Boost Revenue Through Technology Partnerships

Senior Content Marketing Specialist

Martina Ivanović

Senior Content Marketing Specialist

Meeting customer expectations with the right content, at the right time, and on the right channels has become a challenge for most digital marketing agencies. Constant disruption and innovation within the customer engagement space, personalizing experiences for each business and customer, and choosing between multiple tools and tactics can make brand communication complicated and siloed.

Today, digital marketing agencies need to go beyond delivering conversions – they need to create meaningful campaigns that continuously drive business and engage loyal customers. One of the main ways to tackle this is to offer additional services that boost customer experience – and that include everything from content, data, a manageable tech stack, and a team of digital strategists and content marketers.

A single omnichannel customer engagement hub empowers digital marketing agencies to do just that. Here we highlight what benefits the right communications technology partner can bring to your business.

Data-driven marketing

Customers today choose to interact, search, purchase, and engage with brands differently, and want to be treated as individuals. Therefore, the strength of a campaign lies in data. But, with multiple sources and channels, consolidating customer data into one platform to get an in-depth, 360-degree view can be a challenge.

Utilizing a customer data platform not only provides better clarity, but also enables you to develop meaningful insights from tracked behavior – and deliver great customer experiences.

Our customer data platform – People helps digital marketing agencies focus on making data-driven decisions along with offering value-added services. With People, digital marketing agencies can:

  • Run data-driven campaigns: Get a complete view of the data from one centralized hub so you can recommend and suggest campaigns based on prior behavior and events, thereby delivering higher ROI for your clients.
  • Centralize customer data: Offer your clients the value-added service of consolidating all their customer data in one single place. Then, the audience can be segmented for better targeting, creating a single source of customer truth for your clients which is updated in real-time. 

End-to-end omnichannel marketing automationYour clients are bombarded with solutions claiming to drive ROI, so identifying the technologies and offerings that provide real value has become increasingly difficult. Marketers must rely on easy-to-deploy technology that automates and personalizes communications across digital channels in a scalable way.

An omnichannel customer engagement hub like Moments helps bridge the technology gap that stands between marketers, effective campaigns, and the ability to drive revenue. Through Moments, digital marketing agencies can:

Unlock the potential of digital channels: Gain a competitive edge by running client campaigns on innovative channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, RCS, Viber, Apple Business Chat, Google Business Messaging, LINE, Email, and Voice.

Offer omnichannel engagement and management: Implement end-to-end omnichannel marketing automation across the customer journey based on behavior and data insights and take the load off your clients by running effective revenue-generating campaigns. Moments makes it easy for digital marketing agencies to manage innovative messaging campaigns across channels and improve campaign results.

Set up profitable campaigns: Engage your customers’ audience beyond purchase by running campaigns that personalize the customer journey and offering messages relevant to each audience segment. With Moments you can move from conversion-only campaigns to engagement campaigns that drive loyalty, customer satisfaction, and repeat purchases.

Get a single view of customers, channels, and campaigns: With Moments you get a single hub for managing customer marketing campaigns. Each client can receive their own dashboard with:

  • Unified and updated customer data for hyper personalization
  • Better insights into analytics across the customer journey
  • Easy campaign orchestration and management with a drag-and-drop campaign builder
  • Smart automation capabilities with event- and behavior-based triggers
  • Reporting and analytics to measure campaign efficiency

Bot-powered campaigns

Chatbots are one of the fastest emerging marketing trends. No longer are they relegated for always-on customer support. Rather, if used properly, they can give your campaigns automated power. As a digital marketing agency, it’s important you partner with a chatbot building platform that helps you create chatbot marketing campaigns that are effective, easy-to-integrate with your digital channel offering, and conversational. Our chatbot building platform Answers along with our Professional Services allows you to deliver conversational bot experiences. Andyou can convert critics into fans by transferring them to an agent for complex queries when you connect Answers to your cloud contact center. Through our platform you can:

Make your automated messaging conversational: Answers enables you to build a chatbot on any of your messaging channels – allowing your clients to interact with their customers during promotions – thereby ensuring more conversions and greater ROI.

Drive engagement: Increase your clients’ customer engagement by running interactive polls, surveys, or quizzes – or by sharing interesting rich media content. You can take it a step further by modeling your chatbot on popular personalities to create campaigns that generate buzz or can go viral.

Supercharge Facebook ad campaigns: If you already offer Facebook and Instagram ads, you can easily upsell by setting up a Messenger chatbot – making the ad an interactive experience. When a customer interacts with an ad on Messenger or a click-to-messenger ad, the chatbot will start the conversation and take the customer through the entire journey.

Fuel revenue streams: With Answers you can track chatbot performance and use the results to set up monthly client check-ins to earn recurring performance revenue. Another way is to move from a simple keyword chatbot to an AI-powered one.

Provide customer care through social media: Social media has long been used by marketers as a channel for building customer relationships, with numerous stories of brands delighting customers who air grievances with freebies or inspire followers with ideas and campaigns. By adding a digital contact center like Conversations, you can provide the added value over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram through proactive customer support and reviews management.

The Infobip partnership advantage

Partnering with Infobip can help you expand your digital marketing efforts from customer engagement campaigns to additional services to grow your relationship with customers.

Grow Revenue: Digital marketing agencies can add new revenue streams by using all our solutions seamlessly over one centralized platform, or choosing only the solution they need and scaling up when required. They can also leverage the tool set for established customers and new business accounts andresell our solutions.

Add value: Unlock cross-sell and upsell opportunities by connecting your customers to powerful communication solutions and experience teams.

Enter new industries: Grow your market share by entering new industry verticals, and tap into the contact center and omnichannel communications industry that’s worth $200 billion. Get more leads through Infobip’s partnership program.

Leverage our partner eco-system: Infobip partners with customer loyalty, marketing cloud, and system integrators to ensure our customers and partners are armed with providers that enhance, implement, and engage with our software.

Always-on educational and co-marketing support: Infobip lets you stay ahead of the curve with sales enablement, training, go-to-market resources, and a marketing development fund.

Jun 1st, 2021
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Senior Content Marketing Specialist

Martina Ivanović

Senior Content Marketing Specialist