How to Power Up Your Automation with Send Time Optimization

We often talk about the right message, and channel, but when is the best time to send a message?

With marketers moving to automation solutions, standing out has become increasingly competitive. One way to stand out and drive engagement is by sending your messages at an opportune time – and that’s where Send Time Optimization comes in.

What is Send Time Optimization?

Personalization doesn’t end with contextual messages – but sending the message on the right channel at the right time.

Send Time Optimization is an artificial intelligence powered addon to your messaging campaigns that analyzes your customers prior engagement history, empowering you to be able to send the next message at the right time.

Our omnichannel customer engagement hub Moments, lets you automate that process – by allowing you to schedule your messages at each individual customers’ preferred time.

Why is Send Time Optimization important?

Your customer’s behavior is changing and not everyone interacts with your campaigns at the send time. The right message at the wrong time is ineffective.

Why is Send Time Optimization good for your customers?

Your customers want to be treated as an individual and Send Time Optimizations allows you to do exactly that along with strengthening their loyalty to your business and improve their overall customer experience.

  • 20% want messages to be personalized according to past behavior
  • 20% want to receive messages at a time that suits them
  • 25% want to be treated as an individual
  • 32% are less likely to purchase from a brand if their communications are poorly timed
  • 36% are less likely to purchase from a brand if their communications are poorly targeted

How does Send Time Optimization work?

Send Time Optimization uses AI to analyze your customer behavior by leveraging your customer data. This enables you to identify the times they are most responsive.

The algorithm through our Moments solution helps determine:

  • The best time to send a message on your customers’ preferred channel
  • Launch optimization – by demographic and region
  • Optimize event-tracked campaigns (welcome, cart abandonment, and reengagement campaigns) by determining the right time to follow up

When using Moments, your customers every interaction will be updated to their profile in People. Ensuring you have the most accurate data.

Making the most of Send Time Optimization

To maximize the benefits of Send Time Optimization you can create:

  • Control groups: Your campaign audience will be split into two groups of 90% and 10%, with the latter being your control group. The engagement results of this control group can be used as a benchmark against the Send Time Optimization results. The best bit is this is done automatically saving you the effort to run A/B tests.
  • Time-sensitive flows: When sending time-sensitive messages or action-based messages you can set a time frame to ensure the message is sent at the optimal time within that period.
  • Segments: Send Time Optimization is helpful in creating targeted audience segments for future messaging campaigns by allowing you to create segment rules based on the best send times for each channel.

Powering your omnichannel automation with Send Time Optimization

The advantage of our omnichannel customer engagement hub Moments is that you can leverage Send Time Optimization across multiple channels. So, along with ensuring message consistency across different channels, you can also ensure your customers get them at the time they are most likely to be on that said channel.

When implementing Send Time Optimization, you can choose from the below metrics for each channel.

  • SMS: Click Rate
  • Email: Open Rate and Click Rate
  • Voice: Call pick up Rate
  • Push: Open Rate
  • WhatsApp: Open Rate

Send Time Optimization powers you to analyze not only the best time to send a message but also assess each individual customers’ exit rates and engagement status for each channel.

Send Time Optimization and Moments

Using Moments is a great way to get insights into your customer engagement and data. It is easy to activate, leaving the hard algorithm and automation work to Moments.

Feb 9th, 2021
3 min read