Flash USSD: Sending Flash SMS through Infobip SMS API

Ana Rukavina

Flash USSD notifications are one-way SMS messages, delivered straight to a customer’s mobile device. Flash SMS messages are popular for sending out one-time passwords and notifications with USSD messages. Learn more with this guide on how to send flash SMS messages.

Send secure, real-time messages via flash SMS

It’s getting easier every day to send high importance SMS messages, one-time PINs, and time-critical communications.

As a service provider who uses flash SMS, you don’t have to worry if your clients have enough storage space on their mobile phones, or if the information you’re sending them gets stolen along with their phone.

SMS messages have their own classification, while the regular SMS message is classified as a Class 1 message, flash SMS messages are classified as Class 0 messages, which classifies them as most important SMS messages. The difference is that Class 1 messages are stored on users’ mobile phone SIM card or phone memory (depending on memory availability) by default.

On the other hand, Flash SMS messages appear directly on the main screen without any user interaction and are not automatically stored in the inbox. Your users still have the option of saving these messages, with the appropriate sender ID, if they chose to do this, but it’s not done automatically.

However, in case of multiple flash messages being sent, it’s important to keep in mind that your users will only be able to see the last message they receive.

Feb 26th, 2016
2 min read

Ana Rukavina