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How to Use Chat Apps to Improve Customer Support

How to Use Chat Apps to Improve Customer Support

Find out about how you can improve your customer service by using the channels your customers are already using - chat apps.

Customers will make buying decisions based on previous experiences with your brand. Positive customer support experiences result in positive brand experiences, while negative ones result in unhappy customers taking their business elsewhere.

Creating positive experiences is important. 54% of customers will share their bad experiences with more than five people – compared to the 33% who will share positive ones, says research from Zendesk

Customers share more negative than positive experiences

With the digital economy as competitive as it is, no business can afford to provide anything but the best support. This is how you can start:

Chat apps for positive customer service experiences

Businesses that adopt an omnichannel customer support strategy achieve 91% higher retention rates compared to businesses that don’t, according to research

Omnichannel customer support increases customer satisfaction

This makes sense, since your customer base is made up of different people with different habits.  For example, your baby-boomer customers may prefer calling, while the Millennials’ channel of choice will almost always be chat apps.

When it comes to customer support, instant communication is key – and chat is instant. Customers want their problems to be resolved efficiently, with 60% of customers expecting a response in 10 minutes or less.

Chat apps help provide quick customer support responses

There are added benefits to adopt chat app support. When banking giant RBA introduced chat support in Russia, they saw their cost-per-contact drop 10x, while their net promoter score (NPS) grew 19%. This shows how much convenient and instant customer support can benefit your business.

Making chat apps work with all your customer support channels

When building efficient omnichannel customer support, it’s important to sync and archive any cross-platform communication with customers. The customer knowledge base that you build through customer support conversations should be saved in one place so that you can use these to create conversational, personalized support across all channels.

Using the examples of chat apps and voice, let’s see how this can play out in real-time using conversational messaging.

Say your customer bought a smartphone, and they can’t wait to start using it. Here’s what the delivery notification would look like using a chat app:

Example of customer service notification using chat apps

Your customer can click the ‘YES’ button to choose a convenient delivery time, and change the delivery details using the chat app. 

If the item arrives damaged, your customer can easily contact customer service via a ‘click-to-call’ button, after which they’ll be directed to the correct person through an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) flow.

This is a very simple example, but the possibilities for personalization are endless. With relevant and timely messaging, as well as a chat-based omnichannel approach, customers will feel constantly supported throughout their entire relationship with your company.

Did you know? Infobip can support all the major chat apps that are used regionally or globally (from WhatsApp and Viber to VKontakte, Line, and KakaoTalk).

Best Practices for Chat-App Customer Support

  1. Make it seamless
    Customer support needs to transition from bot support to human communication seamlessly. Use the right tool and set up the right triggers to bring in a human agent for advanced resolution.
  2. Speed is key
    People want their questions answered as quickly as possible, without much effort. Make sure that automated messages are set up for FAQ’s. It helps to have a customer knowledge base available to agents for personalized support. 
  3. Let your customers find you easily
    Be available on multiple channels – chat apps, email, voice, and in-app communication.
  4. Let customers choose the channels they want
    Make sure your customer support solution enables easy communication with customers over all channels from a single interface. This makes personalized communication easy to manage for your team. It also gives customers different channels for different situations, but with the same outcome – seamless customer experience.

Thanks for reading

This is just one way chat apps can help your business. For more ideas on how to create seamless interactions between your business and customers using mobile – be sure to download our “Ultimate Guide on Messaging”.

Download the “Ultimate Guide on Messaging”