Infobip and venITure: Taking Omnichannel Communications to the Next Level, Together

Friction-free communication coupled with data are the most valuable resources for your business. Therefore, it is vital to manage digital interactions and make data accessible – on not only your customers’ but also your agents’ favorite channels.

Enter our partnership venITure that led to the creation of OmniChat for JIRA Service Management. Empowering businesses and their agents to communicate friction free over WhatsApp and SMS.

We caught up with venITure’s global managing director and co-founder Samsoor Hemat and their managing director for Croatia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina Kristijan Luburic to know more about this partnership. They were joined with Infobip’s VP of strategic partnerships Veselin Vuković and regional head of partnerships Aleksandar Daić.

The Infobip + venITure story 

Kristijan Luburic: The first time we met was at the DevDays in Tuhelj. It’s the famous DevDays where we, learned about Infobip’s products and what they’re doing. This conversation continued at the Shift Money in Zagreb, where we, met the Infobip team and, had deeper talks. And then we saw that we fit quite perfectly as an Atlassian platinum solution partner.

We’re working with companies of all sizes. And we see the need that our customers just want to improve the experience, with their end users. And this is where Moments, Conversations, Answers and OmniChat for JIRA Service Management step in.

Aleksandar Daić: When I learned about what venITure are doing it came at a perfect time because we were launching our partnership program. And we did it for a few reasons. But the main reason is that we identified several platforms, and most of them are in need to go beyond traditional communication channels.

venITure has the expertise and in-depth knowledge of what the clients are trying to solve, their plans and where they want to be in a next couple of years. And when you combine that know-how with Infobip’s state of the art communication platform, you’ve got to win.

The value behind OmniChat for JIRA Service Management

Samsoor Hemat: OmniChat for JIRA service management is a cross channel customer support solution on a single interface for the agents. It unifies two-way communication via WhatsApp and SMS through that one interface. And it helps building up a direct relationship to the customer.

With OmniChat for JIRA service management the customer is able to choose which communication channel he or she wants to go through. Whether it is SMS or WhatsApp at the same time for the agent on the other side, it is unified onto one platform.

OmniChat helps with any type of limitations that one has with increasing customer satisfaction, but also in keeping the retention rate high. So, for example, we have a truck customer in the US that uses OmniChat for JIRA Service Management, where the drivers can use the channel that they choose. For example, SMS to contact and communicate with agents internally in the company. In this scenario they’ve been kept up to date in regards to the deliveries and enabling the truck drivers in communicating internally.

Veselin Vuković: We’re actually very excited that venITure and Infobip have developed OmniChat. Just a few data points here – industry surveys say that more than 80% of today’s modern IT service management and service desks are implementing new entry points and interfaces to access the service desk platform. And why is that important? Because of remote workplace commuting internal and external customers want a new interface and want to have a choice on how they are going to interact with the service desk platform. And this is where OmniChat plays a very important role in how we enable that experience.

The future of our partnership

Samsoor Hemat The future for us is building upon the relationship and partnership that we have begun last year. We want to go beyond what we’ve started with OmniChat in order to provide integrations for all Infobip products across the board, onto any platform, even outside the Atlassian ecosystem. And we hope that building up this relationship will give us more opportunities in working together in the future successfully.

Feb 1st, 2022
3 min read