Infobip x Jazz: Taking the telco CX to the next level

Razan Saleh

Content Manager

Today, customer experience has arguably become the biggest factor driving customer loyalty and revenue growth—in the Telco industry. Customers now are more tech-savvy and open to exploring new innovative products and services from their Telco providers. They expect to receive a digital self-service through an omnichannel approach that ultimately delivers a best-in-class CX.

The mission here is clear: Deliver a differentiating CX to meet your customers’ changing expectations and stand out from the competition. And to achieve that, Telcos must become far more agile, prioritize delivering a superior experience, embrace new technologies, and proactively direct customers to digital self-service channels that provide them with a frictionless journey.

We sat down with Jazz Business, Pakistan’s largest mobile network operator, to discuss how partnering with a cloud communications service provider like Infobip will elevate their product portfolio and enable, not only themselves, but also their B2B customers in providing a seamless customer journey across all communications channels.

Watch the video to hear more about their success story, and read on to learn how your business can achieve similar results.

Finding a reliable partner

Choosing the right technology partner is critical to delivering value and providing your organization with a significant competitive edge. So how can you find the right partner? It’s about meeting your customers’ evolving expectations and delivering exceptional experiences.

As a market leader with the primary goal of digitalizing its services, Jazz wanted to elevate its customers’ experience and offer complete omnichannel functionality. And due to the significant increase in data usage and smartphone penetration, partnering with a global provider that offers a reliable omnichannel platform was the way to go.

We were looking for a partner with global presence and one that can offer a service to talk to our customers on channels they’re familiar with, including messenger apps. A cloud-based model makes perfect sense owing to reduced overheads, fewer upfront investments, and evident scalability.

Adnan Waheed

Head of IoT and Digital Business, Jazz

Partnering with us gave Jazz access to every channel, solution, and tool required to build and orchestrate an unlimited number of friction-free interactions and multi-touch customer journeys.

Game-changing partnership elevates CX

Building on its ongoing digital transformation journey, Jazz partnered with Infobip to implement a new CPaaS platform and launch the first-of-its-kind cloud data center, becoming the first MNO in Pakistan to do so.

Through this partnership, we enabled Jazz to offer secure, localized, and scalable customer engagement tools and channels to help their business users enrich their customers’ experience.

We are very happy that we have made the right choice to partner with Infobip and launch a cloud-first local CPaaS platform. We are confident that this collaboration will make it easy for our customers to digitalize CX.

Adnan Waheed

Head of IoT and Digital Business, Jazz

Overall, CPaaS has the potential to revolutionize the way MNOs do business today. It becomes a key component for digital transformation initiatives by powering the future of business communication.

CpaaS enables Telcos to provide adaptable communication solutions that satisfy the requirements of their enterprise and small business clients, enabling communications to be integrated with and adjusted to any business process; resulting in increased customer engagement and improved customer experience.

Having worked in MNOs for quite some time, I have learned that it is all about how you embrace the future disruptions. It is as simple as staying relevant and being there when your customers learn about something new, or you teach them, and they come back to you asking for it rather than opt for alternates. Even if you haven’t built it, you can surely take them there and act as the bridge.

Adnan Waheed

Head of IoT and Digital Business, Jazz

Unlock countless opportunities with our partnership program

As a global cloud communication solutions provider, we recognize the value of partners in reaching out to new prospects, closing more business deals, and, most importantly, increasing customer satisfaction. Thanks to technology partnerships, mobile network operators like Jazz are boosting their revenues and margins and delivering superior customer experiences.

Infobip is a telco transformation partner that can help unlock new revenue streams and ensure you have a closer relationship with your customers. We will provide you with a proper CX consultation, support, and resources to enrich your customer experience product stack and unlock new revenue streams.

We offer a comprehensive customer engagement and cloud contact center solution that includes a chatbot, a wide range of mobile verification and security options, and access to any phone or corporate mobile messaging channel.

So why partner with Infobip? Because becoming a partner is much simpler than you think. You can benefit from the added value brought by our communication platform and learn from our experts how you can accelerate your customers’ digital transformation journey by joining the Partnership Connect Program.

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Aug 25th, 2022
4 min read

Razan Saleh

Content Manager