Telecom digital transformation: Tips to thrive in the digital future

Find out what the future holds for telecoms – from 5G to digital customer experience.

Senior Content Marketing Specialist

Martina Ivanović

Senior Content Marketing Specialist

The digital future is fast approaching – in fact, some might even say it’s already here.

Still, telecommunication providers have yet to adopt some of the widely used technologies available to them. And customers are starting to notice.

Let’s dive into the current telecommunications landscape, explore what a digital future means for telecom customer experience, and how you can get started with your own telecom digital transformation.

What is digital transformation in telecom?

Telecom digital transformation entails expanding services to more than just connectivity. It focuses attention on providing a seamless digital experience for all customers.

Traditionally, telecoms have focused on providing connectivity and building infrastructure for customers. Over time, they’ve had to think of how to provide a seamless digital experience to these same customers. Now, their focus is on working with partners to add emerging technologies to their current offerings to provide an end-to-end experience within one ecosystem.

Many telecoms have taken up this challenge and have been able to provide not only the connectivity for these new types of experiences and digital applications – but also providing the entire end-to-end experience themselves.

The telecom digital customer experience

Telecoms that are able to build one system with partners, platforms, and applications, will be able to enhance their offering – not only to the customer but also to the platform provider – creating an overall higher quality service.

In doing so, they’ll be able to enhance their digital customer experience – giving them instant gratification and a satisfactory experience they’re likely to recommend.

The long-term effects of 5G for telecoms

Over the last couple of years, the use of 4G has become very prevalent, and it has allowed us to use many different channels and applications to make our lives simple and functional.

With the advent of 5G, telecoms will be able to enhance their digital customer experience with speed, quality, and ease of use. This means telecoms that provide 5G and use it to its full potential can enhance existing channels and provide new ones – not only for communication but for any type of interaction.

They can easily add this to their existing omnichannel mix and provide a seamless experience for brands and customers, all while remaining in the same ecosystem as the operator.

How to undergo a telecom digital transformation

Even though telecoms have focused on creating a great experience for their customers, their customers’ needs have increased. From mobile banking to shopping – telecoms must find new ways to meet these changes in demand.

By partnering with omnichannel communication service providers, telecoms can either sell through these partners, sell with these partners, or they can white label it and sell it as their service. But in doing so, they maintain their entire ecosystem, and then they can provide a consolidated service and offering for customers.

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