What Telco customers want

Senior Content Marketing Specialist

Tomislav Krevzelj

Senior Content Marketing Specialist

Anyone developing an omnichannel strategy will ask – where do we start from? What do we focus on?

The answer to that question is – ABC:

  • Always
  • Be
  • Customer-centric

And the way you develop in a customer-centric direction is by knowing what telco customers want.

We surveyed more than 3,000 telco customers aged 18 to 69 in 15 countries worldwide. So we have a fair idea of what that is. And we’re sharing it with you.

Start with channels

Omnichannel communication essentially means you can communicate directly with customers using all channels as one.

So, plug in an omnichannel platform and call it a day, right?

Not exactly, no. But it’s a good first step.

Your next step is knowing which channels your customers prefer.

“Well that seems pretty easy, too!” you think to yourself. And you’re right. But it’s still not as easy as you may think.

Customers are humans and humans can be quite complex.

Channel choice matters depending on what you’re trying to communicate.

For example – if you use email to communicate a customer support enquiry? Fewer than 16% of customers across all age groups prefer that.

But use email to send a promo message? Well, everyone will like that – 53% for Zoomers to 72% of Boomers, in fact.

what channels telco customers prefer

And some other channel preferences may even surprise you.

Millennials may be all about “text, don’t call”, but more than half prefer to interact with telcos over the phone.

what telco cutomers want digital channels

Which channels do customers prefer?

Channel preference varies depending on intent and demographics.

So to give customers what they want (and improve customer lifetime value) you need to get it right from the first time they activate their SIM.

Chat apps are especially in-demand amongst the essential Zoomer and Millennial segment.

And just about everyone expects you to have a Live Chat widget on your web.

But the least popular channels for direct engagement appear to be email, SMS, and in-person visits.

This only shows the importance of digital channel engagement.

…unless you’re talking about promotional messaging, that is.

When it comes to promotional messaging, customers across all age segments will prefer email and SMS as a solution.

This is because customers can view these at their own leisure and engage on their own terms. Very important for promo.

Even social media is a growing engagement channel for promotions. And it makes sense for the same reasons as above – customers can engage on their own terms.

So, the only answer to which channel is best is – all of them.

Just depending on who you’re interacting with, what about, and when.

What do customers want?

In summary, your customers want fast interactions that arrive at the right time and on the right channel.

what do customers want in terms of service

And the best way to deliver them is by adopting an omnichannel communication strategy.

Or better, contact us and we’ll help you define the best omnichannel strategy for your telecom.

Until then – download our helpful infographic and discover what customers want:

Jun 2nd, 2022
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Senior Content Marketing Specialist

Tomislav Krevzelj

Senior Content Marketing Specialist