New TopUp app: Payments made simpler

Timothy Allen

These days we have implemented a new TopUp payment app within our messaging front-end, in order to make the payment flow for Infobip clients simpler and easier. 

The new payment app features a top up wizard that has been simplified from five to three steps and made more user-friendly, providing a better payment experience for thousands of clients and partners that use it every day. On top of that, filtering and sorting have been implemented within our payment history and offer overview options.

As before, payment history enables clients to easily keep track of their invoices through time, checking which invoices have been paid and when, but now the invoices are easier to search through and manage (by date, offer number, invoice number, currency). 

The same filtering and sorting functionalities have been added to the offer overview, which allows clients to create PDF format offers that can be used to make out-of-app payments. The PDF offers contain all payment information and serve as the basis of conducting payments outside our payments system, for example via Internet banking, at a post office, or via any other channel convenient for the client. 

Clients can now access the new payments service in two ways – by logging into Worx, our messaging application suite, or by going directly to the payments app, which is particularly useful for those who want to pay via mobile phones or tablets. 

Within the Worx suite, payments system remains where it was before (in the Payments tab), so the transition to the new top up service is intuitive and easy. 

Naturally, the new system retains the existing payment methods via credit cards and PayPal. 

Making payments has to be secure, but it really doesn’t have to be hard. Enjoy our new payments app!

Feb 5th, 2014
2 min read

Timothy Allen