Rakuten Viber Business Calls: From chat to call, all in one app

Rakuten Viber Business Calls enables Viber users to conveniently transfer from type-based messaging to voice calls with agents at no extra cost, wherever they’re dialing from.

Ana Rukavina

Imagine this: You’re hastily booking a spontaneous getaway, triggered by a lingering promotional message. You start a chat with a helpful chatbot. As you prepare to delve deeper before booking, you’re handed over to a friendly customer support agent. Then, the transformation happens— the agent suggests switching from chat to call within the app.

Bam! Suddenly, it’s like conversing with a buddy, turbocharging the process. You’re not just a ticket number; you’re a valued connection and the experience sticks. That’s the power of Rakuten Viber Business Calls. Providing customers with the opportunity to simply call without having to move screens, apps, or devices.

From booking trips to product assistance, this feature aids in fostering genuine connections and convenience that customers will love.

What is Rakuten Viber Business Calls?

Rakuten Viber Business Calls is the last piece of your Viber customer support infrastructure, helping businesses such as yourself, improve customer relations and retention by providing an easily accessible conversational experience.

It’s essential to offer your customers easy access to agents, fast resolution, and consistent quality – all in one app. Rakuten Viber Business Calls allows you to integrate voice calling capabilities into your customer support and communication strategies, providing a more human and interactive touch to conversations. Resolve complex queries more efficiently, offer personalized assistance, and build stronger customer relationships.

How does Rakuten Viber Business Calls solve your customer’s challenges?

Your initial thought would be, “But customers are used to switching apps”. Yes, they are, but what if you could make it easier for them to get in touch with you? For that, you need to understand the challenges. So, let’s look at some scenarios where Rakuten Viber Business Calls is beneficial:

Reduce tiresome app navigation for users

Imagine a customer is texting your business about an issue and wants to switch to a phone call. Before they can do that, they need to either ask your customer support for the number or find it online. And then copy that number, switch screens, and call you.

It sounds like a lot of steps that could be done in one click within one app. It might leave them frustrated since their usual communication flow is interrupted. And also disrupts the seamless communication experience your customers want and deserve. Alternatively, you can offer them a one-tap user-to-agent experience on the Rakuten Viber app.

Pivot users directly to your contact center

We all use various channels and interact with numerous businesses, so keeping track of every company’s contact information is mission impossible.

“Older” generations used to have memorized their families’ phone numbers, but nobody does that anymore. Do you even know your number off the top of your head?

So, if they can’t call you through the app they’re messaging you on, they’ll need to find the correct number manually – through previous conversations, by checking your website, or by finding it on social media.

This can lead to heightened dissatisfaction and delays in resolving customer inquiries. Instead, with a single click in the Rakuten Viber app, customers are connected directly to your contact center, bypassing the need to copy or search for a phone number.

Eliminate user cost concerns

Another reason why customers can be reluctant to call you is if they need to pay. Before calling, customers often find themselves googling whether it’s a premium price or the number is at a local rate, as they expect businesses to be transparent with costs.

Many expect basic customer support to be a part of the overall service when they purchase a product or service. Paying extra for something they think is a basic benefit can lead to dissatisfaction. This is additionally magnified if customers believe the issue is due to a fault on your business’s end.

Depending on their mobile phone plan, they might face additional charges if you don’t offer toll-free numbers. And customers traveling may encounter roaming charges or higher international calling rates.

And – you probably know that toll-free numbers are country-specific. Meaning if you want to offer global customer support, you’ll have to register a toll-free number in every country. With Rakuten Viber, all you need is at least one Viber Voice number.

Offer superior connectivity and call quality

Even if you have registered toll-free numbers in all countries you are operating, there could be a problem with the call quality and connectivity.

And don’t you get irritated when your call doesn’t connect, or the quality of the call is so bad that it makes you want to hang up?

Issues like low-quality failed or delayed calls, or unclear audio can happen because of insufficient network coverage or congestion. As a result, the conversation between the customer and the support may be incoherent. Customers could get frustrated if they have to repeat themselves to different agents on different channels, leaving a place for misunderstanding or miscommunication between your team and the customer.

Rakuten Viber offers high-quality voice calls with better clarity and fewer call drops compared to regular phone calls, especially when using a stable internet connection. And since they are made using Wi-Fi or mobile data, people in areas with limited cell coverage can still reach you.  

To meet the evolving needs of your customer base, you need to recognize and address these challenges by implementing a more effective and smoother communication channel to take your customer’s experience to another level.

What are the benefits of Viber Business Calls for your clients?

Currently, with Rakuten Viber, you can:

  • Send transactional messages
  • Run promotional campaigns
  • Offer real-time support with chatbots
  • Transfer queries to an agent over chat
  • Authenticate customers
  • Visually showcase products

Now, with Rakuten Viber Business Calls, you complement Viber Business Messages and Viber Bots with an additional resolution layer. Here are just a few of them.

Convenient and easy to use

Your customers are already on the Viber app to message their friends and family. You are eliminating their need to navigate multiple channels and offering them a more efficient way of resolving issues without leaving their preferred communication platform.

To see how easy it is, here are the three steps your customers go through when calling you through Rakuten Viber: 

Faster resolution times

When it comes to resolving issues, Rakuten Viber Business Calls has the advantage of expediting resolution times. Calling means room for misinterpretation since customers can explain their problems efficiently and in-depth, leaving the opportunity for your agents to suggest alternative solutions and upsell products.

As a result, you have efficient information exchange, potential additional sales, and a smoother overall experience.

But it’s not just your customers who benefit but your agents and support team as well.

Benefits of Viber Business Calls for your team

Enhanced team productivity

Incorporating Rakuten Viber Business Calls into your teams’ day-to-day work can provide a valuable boost to their productivity. Overall, Rakuten Viber is easy to use and allows them to collaborate from anywhere in the world, assist one another, solve issues, brainstorm ideas, and share knowledge, information, and data.

Building relationships

Building relationships and integrating new team members can be pretty challenging for remote or distributed teams. Doing it through voice calls over Rakuten Viber creates a more cohesive and collaborative team environment.

Rakuten Viber Business Calls use cases

There are plenty of use cases where Rakuten Viber Business Calls can help your business grow. Here are the two most common ones.

Customer support

In an era where consumer-centric businesses emphasize quick and easy customer service, we’re left wondering: how many truly excel in providing convenience? The truth is, amidst the buzzword-laden claims, only a few manage to stand out as examples of accessibility and flexibility, especially when customers need assistance the most.

But there is a game-changer on the horizon, one that not only redefines convenience but also sets a new standard for customer care – Rakuten Viber Business Calls, a transformative in-app calling feature within the Viber lineup, here to evolve the way consumer-focused brands connect with users.

Scenario 1: You are selling clothes. Your customer, John, received the T-shirt he ordered. However, it didn’t fit. He isn’t sure if he can return the product because it has been 7 days since it was delivered.

He opens his Rakuten Viber app, finds your business, and calls customer support. One of your agents explains how he can return the item and tells him that he can exchange the item for a bigger size and tells him the dimensions, so he is sure it will fit.

Sounds easy, right?

With Rakuten Viber Business Calls, the support agent and the customer can engage in a dynamic conversation, exploring potential questions and solutions. They can ask follow-up questions, clarify doubts, and offer immediate steps in the process.

During the call, the agent can even suggest an alternative product, check the stock, and any other information relevant to resolving his query. Maybe John wouldn’t think of exchanging the item for a bigger size, and potentially you would lose the sale.

Solution: This in-depth support adds value and helps build a stronger relationship between the customer and your brand.

Sales and consultations

Scenario 2: You are a tech company, and Emma is a potential customer who wants to buy a new laptop.

She decided to reach out to your business over Rakuten Viber chat and ask questions about the specifications of multiple laptops. She is a freelancer and needs a new laptop to continue working on her projects.

She is particularly interested in a few laptop models and needs advice. So, the customer service bot suggests a quick call with a sales representative, given that Emma is determined as a likely buyer.

Emma can discuss her preferences, price points, and other requirements with an agent over the phone.

At the same time, the sales representative can provide detailed information about various laptop models, specifications, features, warranty options, software compatibility, and post-purchase support, enabling Sarah to make an informed decision based on her needs.

Solution: Customers can get a personalized experience and make an informed purchase without leaving their homes.

How to get started with Viber Business Calls?

Now that you know the ins and outs of Rakuten Viber Business Calls, it’s time to try it out. You can easily integrate this channel into your existing setup and connect with your customers more personally, enhance team collaboration, and improve overall retention with voice calls directly through Rakuten Viber. All you need is the right communications platform.

Through Infobip, organizations have access to an eclectic mix of use cases over Rakuten Viber, comprising of messages, chatbots, and now calls, helping them stand out among other businesses by offering effortless switching from text-based chat to real-time calls without leaving the Rakuten Viber app.

Limor Bailey, Partnerships Account Director at Rakuten Viber, said: “We’ve been working with Infobip for more than 7 years, and we believe that we were Infobip’s first OTT channel that was integrated to their platform. We’re very proud of that.”

A powerful motive underpins the cooperation between Infobip and Rakuten Viber. This is a strong focus on powering direct interactions between businesses and their customers. And vice versa.

Both Infobip and Rakuten Viber are continuously looking to the future, continuously looking to understand what both businesses and customers want — and to make the experience as seamless as possible.

Limor Bailey

Partnerships Account Director, Rakuten Viber

Seamless, chat-based interactions between businesses and their customers are the future as we enter the age of conversational everything.

So, all you need to do is take the next step.

Try Rakuten Viber Business Calls with Infobip

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