Revenue Automation and Infobip: Shaping the Future of CX

Reid Morgan

Director, Marketing Automation & Digital Strategy, Revenue Automation

Marketing, sales, and customer service have traditionally been split into different departments, under different leaderships–but not anymore. As businesses tilt heavily towards digitalization and customers expect on-demand service and attention, personalization is now the differentiating factor that will set you apart.

These shifts in customer experience are why Revenue Automation’s decided to partner with Infobip. With 20 years of experience in digital marketing with Fortune 500 companies like IBM and SAP, we’re experts in custom data integrations, omnichannel automated campaigns, and building high-quality end-to-end customer experiences. Based on our extensive experience, we believe Infobip is the future of the customer experience industry, enabling out-of-the-box communication solutions that bring all your customer touchpoints into the same, unified, customer experience.

Connect with customers at any time, on any channel

Automating your revenue channels is what we do best. Building and improving your workflows to cut costs and improve communication quality is our passion. Enabling your team to train quickly and deliver meaningful, personalized value to your customers is a key metric of success for all our clients.

Intelligent chatbots powered by Infobip help you deliver that meaningful, personalized value 24/7, with the ability to connect to your databases and engage with your customers in real-time. From appointments to orders, to delivery status, and more these chatbots proactively inform; and when your customer needs a little extra help, an agent can seamlessly step in and take over the conversation.

Privacy is personalization. Good security is a great customer experience.

Your customer support agents can biometrically verify a customer’s identity and communicate with them via chat or choose to switch to voice or video calls. Guiding your customers through the entire customer journey is Infobip’s customer engagement hub, Moments, that can trigger retention, win-back, or first purchase offers to the customer with ease.

We at Revenue Automation have helped our clients build custom programs to achieve this kind of holistic customer experience. But, with Infobip it’s as simple as plug and play – by bringing elements of customer support, engagement, and experience in one package with easy-to-use interfaces for your marketing, customer service, and sales teams.

Revenue Automation is putting their money where their mouth is

We’d love to show you more of what Infobip and Revenue Automation can do for you with a free marketing maturity consultation to see if we are a good fit for your needs. This new paradigm in marketing is exciting and we can’t wait to share that passion and success with you.

Contact us to find out what Revenue Automation and Infobip can do for you.

Sep 3rd, 2021
2 min read

Reid Morgan

Director, Marketing Automation & Digital Strategy, Revenue Automation