Simplifying SMS integration for better results

Integrating SMS into your communication platform is easier than you might think. Find out how to do it, and all the benefits you can enjoy.

SMS is an enduring and versatile communication channel that, rather than being eclipsed by new trends and technology, finds ways to be enhanced by them.

It’s estimated that as many as 5 billion people send and receive SMS messages every day. When every message has the possibility to enhance your relationship with your customers in the form of transactions, notifications, or offers, it’s important to make the most of this channel. One of its major conveniences is SMS integration – letting a computer do the work of fingers and thumbs to send your messages for you.

If you’re new to the premise, SMS integration might seem like a daunting task – but in reality, with the right support, it couldn’t be more simple. You may be intrigued by SMS marketing, but need to ensure it will give you the results you need. This might include playing well with your existing systems, without compromising flexibility or scalability. Let us demystify the benefits that SMS integration will bring.

Using a cloud-based SMS gateway

An SMS gateway is what allows you to send SMS messages from computer software to your customers’ mobile phones. Being cloud-based makes them easy to use and impressively scalable. They come with a variety of helpful features, such as:

API integration

To get the most from SMS as a channel, you’ll want it to get along with the tools you’re already using. Luckily, most CPaaS providers prioritize API integration. This allows you to lead unified and seamless SMS campaigns, collate data from multiple sources, and build a well-rounded picture of your customer base – all crucial elements in generating results.

Reporting and analytics

Tracking the performance of your SMS campaigns is key to presenting undeniable results and proving the ROI of your SMS investments. CPaaS or cloud communication platforms can help you track the performance indicators of your SMS campaigns, such as delivery time and open rates.

Global coverage

Many CPaaS providers can provide you with global coverage to help spread your messages far and wide, growing your business and boosting your results. Internationally, SMS is the most popular form of communication – it would be a waste not to take advantage of global reach.

High-volume sending

SMS gateways allow you to send high volumes of messages all over the world, without fear of quantity impacting delivery rates. Speak to as many of your customers as possible, even as this number continues to grow.

Using an SMS API

SMS APIs allow developers to build SMS as a form of customer communication into their apps, websites, and other systems. In simple terms, you will tell your SMS API everything you need your SMS to be, it sends this information to your CPaaS provider, which then formats it and rolls out your message. If your business already uses a CRM, SMS CRM integration will connect both of these systems through API and let them work in harmony.

SMS APIs typically offer a variety of features


SMS APIs help make sending SMS messages a seamless part of your workflow by integrating with and connecting your existing systems, and allowing you to make the best of all of their features. Not only that, but they give you the power to tailor and customize all of your correspondence to fit your brand, tone of voice, and customer preferences. You can also utilize MMS to send rich media such as pictures and videos.

APIs can also automate the sending itself. Whether you want messages sent on a regular basis, or as a response to specific trigger events, everything can be taken care of through an SMS API.


You can confidently expand your horizons with the help of the right SMS API – both in volume of customers and international reach. Scalability is a big benefit of cloud-based gateways, as they operate on servers instead of relying on the capabilities of a single computer. This is invaluable for peak load management so that even the highest spikes in message traffic can be handled with ease. However, not all providers are built equal, and some will be able to provide you with more reach than others, so make sure you take that into consideration when choosing your SMS API provider.

Many SMS API providers offer flexible payment models, including pay-as-you-go packages. This means that you can scale your service up and down depending on the health of your business.


Through security measures such as encryption and multiple-factor authentication, SMS APIs keep your customers’ data safe and secure. Because data breaches and incidents of fraud can damage your business’ reputation, the layer of security SMS APIs can provide will make sure that your customers find you trustworthy.

Infobip integrates with leading platforms

To give you an idea of the level of integration Infobip is committed to, why not take a look at some of our partners’ SMS integrations?

Hubspot SMS integration

Dedicated to providing high-quality customer experiences, an Infobip account and a Hubspot solution can grant you next-level communication with your whole list of contacts through Hubspot SMS integration. Use rich, personalized media to make your customers feel seen and heard.

BigCommerce SMS integration

If you’re a store owner looking to reduce cart abandonment and keep your customers engaged, BigCommerce SMS integration has the solutions you’re looking for. With the possibility of SMS, WhatsApp, and Viber for your campaigns and order updates, there are lots of options to choose from.

Adobe Journey Optimizer SMS integration

If you’re looking to improve response rates to your loyalty programs and seasonal promotions, as well as easily stay on top of policy renewal reminders, Adobe Journey Optimizer SMS integration could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Salesforce SMS integration

We’ve seen Salesforce SMS integration used to generate and nurture leads, by giving the ability to provide next-level customer engagement. With cross-channel support, your customers will feel personally catered for, and are far more likely to be retained over time.

Microsoft SMS Integration

The Microsoft Bot Framework allows you to reach a potential 2 billion customers worldwide. With Microsoft SMS integration you can use AI to provide your customers with conversational two-way communication, to keep them feeling supported and satisfied.

Keep SMS integration easy with Infobip

The results that come from SMS marketing and integration speak for themselves. Customers don’t want stoic service – they want unique experiences and interactions that prove your business deserves their custom. If you’re looking for ways to reach your target audience and drive engagement, speak to one of our experts today.

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Nov 10th, 2023
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