Transforming customer support with Voice and digital channels

Learn how Infobip’s partnership with DNK Infotelecom helps provide omnichannel customer support with voice and digital channels to businesses.

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Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead

In today’s fast-paced world, customers expect instant and efficient communication with companies. Therefore, providing excellent customer support is crucial to maintaining customer loyalty and satisfaction.

With the increasing use of technology, companies have many options for providing support to their customers. Voice and digital channels are two of the many essential communication channels that have revolutionized customer service in recent years. They provide customers with convenient and affordable ways to get in touch with companies and, when used together in an omnichannel way, can elevate customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Infobip x DNK: transforming customer support in an omnichannel way

In line with market trends and aiming to satisfy consumer needs, the partnership between Infobip and DNK is an exciting development in the world of customer support. As businesses continue to shift towards digital channels and remote operations, there has been a growing demand for seamless, efficient customer service experiences. Infobip, a leading global communications platform, and DNK, a company focused on performance and CX, that provides cutting-edge solutions for call centers and contact centers, have joined forces to provide a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to improve their customer support capabilities.

By leveraging the latest technology and innovative strategies, Infobip and DNK are revolutionizing the way companies interact with their customers, leading to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Voice and digital channels: revolutionizing customer support

According to Silvia Goldman Ber Kapel, Director of Customer Service at DNK, “customers are becoming more demanding, mainly digital, and multi-connected. They use all channels available, including voice, WhatsApp, and the chat available on the website. Therefore, it is crucial to integrate voice with digital channels to provide a complete omnichannel solution that offers a 360-degree view of the customer’s journey.”

Let’s start with Voice features. We all know that talking to a real person is often the best way to get your questions answered, right? That’s where Voice support comes in. With Voice support, you can speak to a real human being who can help you with whatever you need. No more pressing buttons and listening to robotic responses! The perfect customer support experience includes the option of Voice support, so you can talk to someone who can give you the help and support you need.

Now, let’s move on to digital channels. In today’s world, we’re all connected digitally. So, it only makes sense that customer support is available through digital channels as well. With digital support channels, it’s possible to get help through email, chat, or even social media. This is perfect for people who prefer to communicate through digital means or who can’t talk on the phone at the moment.

Having access to digital channels is essential for the perfect customer support experience.

Emphasizing the importance of an omnichannel approach, Silvia says: “It’s very important to have voice integrated into your solution to bring a complete omnichannel vision of the customer – otherwise the experience provided will not be smooth. They will be served by Voice in one way and a digital channel in another – with no interaction between them, and without actually having a 360º view of what happens with the customer.

It’s also very important to have a solution that addresses all channels. The customer will relate to the channel that is most convenient for him. Voice will be used for more complex demands. And the most simplified services will go through digital channels in an automated way. That’s why we understand the need to have a solution that integrates all channels – from voice to digital channels.”

We’ve talked about Voice and digital channels, but how can DNK and Infobip help with all this?

Infobip x DNK: Co-creating customer support solutions together

Both, Infobip and DNK, are experts in digital transformation, which means together we can help businesses move into the digital age and offer the best customer support experience possible.

The partnership with Infobip is very important in terms of digital because of the range of channels that Infobip’s platform serves – which we see as a great differentiator of the platform.

Silvia Goldman Ber Kapel

Director of Customer Service, DNK

The partnership offers a wide range of digital channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Live Chat, Twitter, and others that are used by clients. Customers can choose the channel that is most convenient for them at any moment, and they expect businesses to know what happened to them on all channels. While simplified services can run through digital channels in an automated way, voice – and especially human voice – will serve to meet more complex demands.

An example of how this partnership helps is Autopass, a leading company in Latin America in electronic ticketing solutions for urban mobility, that benefited from the partnership.

During the pandemic, DNK and Infobip set up a WhatsApp chatbot that provided self-service support to customers, including the issuance of the Senior card’s first copy. The use of the chatbot provided a fast, efficient, and safe way for customers to access services without physically visiting service stations.

The partnership aims to provide customers with complete digital omnichannel solutions that integrate with their existing systems, allowing them to accelerate their digital transformation journey with ease and without causing any disruption to current customer service. The combination of Infobip’s omnichannel expertise and DNK’s business knowledge and service expertise is a unique and unmatched value proposition that will help businesses achieve their digital goals while providing an exceptional customer experience.

In conclusion, the perfect customer support experience includes both Voice and digital channels, and with the help of companies like DNK and Infobip, businesses can offer the best support possible.

Jul 4th, 2023
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Content Marketing Team Lead

Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead

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