What is conversational design and how Professional Services help create human-like interactions

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Tomislav Krevzelj

Senior Content Marketing Specialist

We’ve previously discussed the three key benefits of adding chatbots to your business. And we’ve talked about what a customer service chatbot is and why you need one. Most importantly, we’ve also gone over how to solve three common chatbot implementation challenges. 

This is where we continue our chatbot journey, really. Specifically, addressing the challenge of how to understand (and interpret) customer intents, we said “most chatbot platforms have experts on hand to assist clients with building up databases of phrase variations”.

“Well, thanks for that,” you’re thinking, “but this doesn’t really solve the challenge.”

And you’re absolutely right.

It’s not enough for me to tell you that there are chatbot platforms out there with teams of experts who will help you with the monumental task of building databases of at least four hundred phrase variations per single user intent. That’s vague information about a common conversational chatbot challenge; not an actual solution.

But – what if I could point you in the exact direction of such a team of experts? Would that help you solve the challenge of conversational design? Because I can, and will.

First, some basics…

What is conversational design?

Conversational bot design is the process of designing a natural, two-way interaction between a user and a system based on the principles of human-to-human conversation. 

Thanks to conversational design, end users can have natural conversations with your business’ chatbot. Providing customers a conversational experience over chatbot is important for a few reasons, chiefly: 

  1. Customers appreciate the human touch of a conversational experience because it makes them feel valued
  2. Conversational chatbots keep customers engaged for longer, helping you to collect valuable feedback
  3. Conversational experiences provide businesses with clear insights about what end users want. This helps understand users better, and helps with chatbot scalability over time

With conversational bot design created by dedicated experts, you can provide customers with conversational experiences to keep them engaged. This is a step up from keyword menus that provide quick answers – but offer little beyond fast information. 

A well-designed conversation will, for example, ask customers more open-ended questions. This will give customers the freedom to express themselves fully, without being led down a path – giving you a highly detailed understanding of customer experiences, while helping the customer feel heard. 

Professional Services Conversational Design Program

Getting conversational bot design right takes time. And resources. And conversational design expertise that is found in dedicated teams.  

This is a combination of assets most businesses simply will not have.

But we do.

Towards the end of 2019, we set a goal aimed at helping our customers meet the future demands of customer experience.

We selected a team, identified key challenges we can help customers solve, went through mounds of literature and certifications…

And then, the world faced a once-in-a-century pandemic. COVID-19 forced business into accelerated digital transformation. The future had caught up with us.

With work-from-home policies kicking in around the globe, chatbots became a necessity instead of a nice-to-have afterthought for someday in the future. 

We helped health organizations and businesses accelerate their digital transformations – including conversational chatbots – and meet the rising need to deliver critical information quickly and reliably.

Through this experience, we realized three key benefits our partners enjoyed from working with our dedicated conversational design Professional Services team. 

Key benefits of conversational chatbot design

Our expert conversational bot design team provides three key benefits to businesses deploying a chatbot. These are:

  1. Delivering optimal bespoke chatbots to customers
  2. Minimizing time-to-market
  3. Maximizing customer experience and business results

First, our team of experienced CX consultants guides businesses throughout the process of conversational chatbot design. Typically, this will involve: 

  • Co-creating the chatbot
  • Building the flow
  • Defining and developing the chatbot’s personality
  • Customizing chatbots specific to the client’s solutions and goals

The Professional Services team involved in these steps consists of seasons CX consultants who possess deep UX knowledge coupled with conversational design skills.

Next, this unique blend of knowledge and experience minimizes the time it takes businesses to deploy their chatbots by navigating the typical pitfalls of development hell. 

Lastly, the rich experience that has gone into creating and optimizing chatbots for other businesses and cases also goes into your business’ chatbot. This ensures top business results and optimal customer experience.

Let us guide you

If you think that deploying a conversational chatbot for your business is a monumental task – you’re absolutely right. It is.  

But just like climbing Mount Everest must’ve seemed to be a monumental task for Sir Edmund Hillary in 1953 – he had an expert guide who helped him get to the top.

Let our Professional Services team be your expert guide to conversational design and help get you to peak conversational chatbots. 

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May 6th, 2021
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Senior Content Marketing Specialist

Tomislav Krevzelj

Senior Content Marketing Specialist