Bukalapak: Increasing client account security with two-factor authentication


increase in delivery rates


Security breaches and low conversion rates

Security is a concern for any ecommerce business – and Bukalapak is no exception. To provide the highest level of security for their users, Bukalapak needed to send one-time PINs (OTP) for transactions, logins, and registrations, as well as for any account detail changes such as email or phone numbers. This would help users register to the service, as well as prevent account takeovers and other security breaches.

Having low OTP delivery rates caused bottlenecks in the customer journey. Low delivery rates prevented users from registering to the platform and completing transactions – which had a negative impact on revenue and profits.

Bukalapak set a target success threshold for logins, checkouts, and transactions. To achieve this target, OTP delivery needed to be fast, reliable, and cost-effective.


Improve security with Infobip two-factor authentication SMS

Bukalapak integrated two-factor authentication SMS into their in-house developed system using Infobip’s API, which they used to send OTPs for new user registrations, as well as for transactions. This also gave them the ability to send high-priority marketing messages for brand promotions and big events using SMS.

The most important features for Bukalapak were platform reliability and the message delivery success rate. Infobip’s platform provides monitoring features that make it possible for clients to track performance in real time. Bukalapak used these features to monitor delivery success rates closely and quickly identify any issues.


4-5% increase in delivery rates, improved user security, higher revenue

As a result of using Infobip 2FA SMS, Bukalapak saw delivery rates rise between 4-5%, which put them over the targeted delivery rate success threshold. This has had a positive impact for Bukalapak, specifically with:

  • Improved conversion rates 
  • A sharp decline in account takeovers 
  • Fast resolution thanks to platform monitoring features  
Bukalapak increased delivery rates above their success threshold with Infobip SMS

These three things combined positively impacted Bukalapak’s revenue and profit, since OTP issues were practically eliminated – which was a critical step in their business process.

Bukalapak was very satisfied with the professional relationship developed with Infobip, as well. Fast response times from the account management team helped quickly resolve any issues Bukalapak encountered.

Infobip provided us a solution that proved fast, reliable, and easy to implement. The monitoring features allow us to keep track of delivery rates in real time, which helps us keep our customers protected. Working with the Infobip team is a pleasure – their account management team is always there for us, and they efficiently solve any issues that arise. Improving customer security has helped us improve our revenue and profitability thanks to a cost-effective solution that was fast and easy to implement.

Stefio Kurniadi

COO Office

Company Profile


Bukalapak is one of the largest online marketplaces and ecommerce companies in Indonesia. The company has expanded into many areas beyond its origins, but still continues to prioritize empowering traditional mom-and-pop stores. or warungs, in the age of ecommerce.