CambioReal: Better customer experience with our contact center solution Conversations


User security concerns, a complex registration process, and overloaded customer support

Some offers can seem too good to be true – and this was the case with CambioReal when they entered the remittance market in Brazil. Many potential users flooded their lines trying to find out if what they were offering was for real, concerned that the service was simply too good.

As a result of this, CambioReal was swamped with customer questions about fees, transactions, and exchange rates coming in over calls, emails, and live chat. The sheer volume of customer enquiries made it difficult for users to get answers to their questions in a way that fit their busy schedules. It was clear that a faster channel for customer support was needed.

Customer support wasn’t the only thing that needed accelerating – there was also user registration. The process of submitting the required documents necessary for registration was causing drop-offs, since it didn’t work well with typical user habits on their market.

What CambioReal needed was a way to quickly respond to support enquiries over a popular channel their customers used, and also make new user registration fast, simple, and secure.


Conversations for faster, convenient support and registration, as well as better customer experience

Conversations from Infobip solved these challenges for CambioReal. The omnichannel cloud contact center solution comes with natively integrated communication channels – including WhatsApp. In addition to being a quick, simple, and convenient channel for customers sending or receiving money from abroad, WhatsApp lets users send rich media – including documents necessary for a fast and secure user registration process.

CambioReal is now available to their users even outside office hours by sending customers automated messages. These messages, which can be sent over WhatsApp, notify users contacting customer support that they can choose whether they want to be contacted the next day by call or by text.

cloud contact center Conversations example

Conversations gave customer service agents a single-view solution, providing them full conversation history and context for each customer. Managers share this insight to provide agents with coaching where necessary to further improve customer support.


Improved customer satisfaction, more registrations, happier and more productive agents

Conversations helped CambioReal greatly improve customer satisfaction levels. User feedback praised the sense of security customers had using the service, which reflected the improved customer trust and connection with the brand.

Registration was made faster and easier with WhatsApp, which allowed customers to complete the process from start to finish over their mobile devices.

CambioReal’s own agents were also impressed with the user-friendly solution, while managers can improve handling by keeping track of agent performance, oversee communication, assign statuses to conversations, and track customer feedback in the cloud contact center solution.

Conversations helped us transform our contact center into a real customer experience center by giving our agents the tools to quickly provide detailed support to our users, while also giving customers fast support and simple registration. When we started, people were reaching out to us to ask if our business was a scam – it seemed too good to be true. We needed a way to build trust with customers, and with more than 90% of people in Brazil using WhatsApp, we needed a contact center solution that had this chat app built-in. Infobip’s solution is secure and user-friendly, and this helps us be a secure and user-friendly solution for our customers.

Livia Cassel

Business Development Manager

Company Profile


CambioReal is a Brazilian-based remittance company servicing over 100,000 customers in Brazil and abroad, helping users to send and receive money, internationally, without the high fees of more traditional remittance methods.