Croatia Osiguranje: Decreased time to resolution by providing customer service through chat apps


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Digitalizing customer service communication

To respond to new consumer behavior and trends, Croatia Osiguranje decided to launch a 100% digital vehicle insurance option. The new brand, Laqo, is the first of its kind on the market and offers a fully automated, self-service buyer journey through the web.

However, the insurance company knew that undergoing a digital transformation would be a challenge since the insurance industry is based on personal agent-customer relationships – and customers grew accustomed to having their own personal agent that knew their history.

To increase market adoption for the Laqo brand, Croatia osiguranje looked for a solution that would limit the number of phone calls and emails that came through, while enabling real-time customer service with live agents. The insurance company’s goals were to decrease resolution time and increase sales by moving customer queries to their favorite communication channel – chat apps – and optimizing internal processes.


Adding chat apps to communications mix using Infobip’s Conversations API

With many chat app options available, Croatia Osiguranje decided to research which ones were the most favored among its customers.

To start, the insurance company chose to connect WhatsApp, Viber, and Messenger to Laqo using Infobip’s Conversations API. This enables customer support agents to answer all queries in real time.

Once the system was set up, Croatia osiguranje prompted Laqo website and app visitors to contact customer support by scanning a QR code and choosing their preferred chat app.

Example of Laqo's chat with us page

Customers who completed these steps were able to start a new chat with an agent through the channel of their choice.

Example of Laqo's customer service on WhatsApp

Since Laqo added chat apps to its communications mix using the Conversations API, agents can receive and resolve queries faster than before. They are also able to educate customers who are unfamiliar with the digital buying journey in a timely manner – and customers feel secure knowing an agent is easily accessible as they test out new features and functionalities.


More happy customers, decreased time to resolution, increased agent satisfaction

Adding chat apps to its existing system using Infobip’s Conversations API, in partnership with Hrvatski Telekom, led to better agent and customer experiences for Laqo. Now, communication is easy, fast, and user-friendly.

Laqo is the crown of Croatia osiguranje’s digital transformation.

Ana Zovko, Chief Digital Officer, Croatia osiguranje

Croatia osiguranje’s ability to provide personalized customer service as an addition to its new digital buying journey led to 50% of potential users leaving positive reviews about their customer care on social media.

The new brand is now also able to start tracking its CSAT score and has received an average 4.7 rating thus far.

In comparison to previous customer support channels, the insurance company was able to improve its resolution time – queries that used to be solved in a couple of days are now solved within 17 hours.

The real-time answers customers receive now have reduced their uncertainty in the brand. In addition, agent efficiency and satisfaction have increased since having a system that enables them to simultaneously manage multiple customer conversations.

Overall, agents and customers are satisfied with the results after adding chat apps to their customer support communication. Since the transition, Croatia osiguranje was awarded for Best Customer Experience and Best Small Call Center by in May 2021.

The insurance company looks forward to moving more customer queries to WhatsApp, Viber, and Messenger – and engaging with them in an interactive and educational way.

Infobip made our digital transformation fast and easy. Adding WhatsApp, Viber, and Messenger from Facebook as customer service channels using the Conversations API helped us decrease our time to resolution. Our new brand Laqo has started tracking CSAT and we’ve received an average 4.7 rating so far. In addition, our agents are more satisfied and efficient since being able to manage multiple conversations over our customers’ preferred channels.

Ana Zovko

Chief Digital Officer, Croatia osiguranje

Company Profile

Croatia osiguranje

Croatia osiguranje is the leading insurance company in Croatia. The company was established on June 4, 1884 as Croatia Insurance Association. Over the years, Croatia osiguranje has established itself as a respectable economic operator in the region, owing to its financial potential and assets. This was accomplished by covering a large part of the market and providing different types of insurance: insurance of persons, property, motor vehicles, transport and loans. Nowadays, Croatia osiguranje is a modern and agile business system with individualized approach to insureds and with the widest range of innovative products, adjusted to all the requirements of any insured person.