DinarPAY: Expanded customer base by 50% with WhatsApp and SMS


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Lack of communication channels led to limited reach

In a world where cash payments are on the decline, market demand for DinarPAY’s mobile wallet service has been steadily increasing. What’s more, The Central Bank of Libya has recently considered regulating DinarPAY for its Mobile Wallet License, resulting in a huge expansion to the company’s customer base and the number of mobile payments it can process, as well as participating in the processing of $9 billion market transaction volume.

Until the summer of 2020, DinarPAY had been relying solely on SMS updates to communicate with customers, which meant it was unable to reach customers in certain countries. DinarPAY needed to ensure it could connect with existing and new customers quickly and reliably, no matter where they are in the world and what channel they are using.


Introducing WhatsApp as a new communication channel for banking updates and authentication

In many of DinarPAY’s key markets across the Middle East and North Africa, WhatsApp has become the main channel of choice for communication. In fact, since March 2020, which marked the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic, WhatsApp’s customer base has grown 50%. Customers want to connect with businesses on a familiar platform that is fast and reliable.

DinarPAY chose Infobip as a technology partner to continue its SMS communications, as well as to employ its WhatsApp Business Platform solution – opening the door for better communication and engagement with those countries where SMS contact wasn’t possible.

This broader reach means every customer across DinarPAY’s operations in Libya and Tunisia receives real-time notifications about account updates and transactions, as well as security reminders and two-factor authentication to verify payments.

Customers can also register for a DinarPAY account via WhatsApp, which offers a simpler alternative to SMS. All they need to do is switch their security notification channel to their registered WhatsApp Account.

Another notable benefit of WhatsApp is the all-important verified tick to reassure customers that the service is verified. It also links through to DinarPAY’s website and contact page, enabling quick transition from app to website.


Expanded customer base by 50%

By adding Infobip’s WhatsApp Business API solution into its customer communications mix, DinarPAY has been able to connect with thousands of customers worldwide, increasing its efficiency in serving customers.

Since its launch in October 2020, WhatsApp has helped DinarPAY serve over 40,000 customers, expand its customer base by 50%, and deliver a 70% success ratio in handling customer queries.

DinarPAY expanded customer base by 50%
DinarPAY expanded customer base by 50%

As the service evolves, DinarPAY will look to use WhatsApp to manage C2C transactions, instant inquiry services, and eKYC verification processes.

Pairing WhatsApp with SMS has given us full coverage when sending requests and notifications. As a result, we’ve grown our customer base by 50% and have a 70% success ratio in resolving customer queries. It’s important for us to be where our customers are, and that’s exactly what Infobip helps us do.

Moad Alhashmi

Sales & Marketing Director at DinarPAY

Company Profile


DinarPAY was founded in 2019 as a cloud-based, cashless payment gateway platform. It offers customers multi-currency virtual cards and real-time authorization of debit cards, as well as the option for consumers to pay with, transfer and top up funds in Dinar Currency (a monetary unit used in several Middle Eastern countries) via a dedicated mobile wallet. Its solutions also mean merchants can use mobile applications as a point of sale to process digital payments through its DinarPAY platform.