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The New Era of Optimized Authentication

Universal multifactor authentication solutions for easy end-to-end customer journey protection.


Remove risk and friction from the onboarding process

Detect bad actors, prevent artificial traffic, fake account creation – and boost conversion rates by engaging users over the right channels.


Allow only the legitimate users in while adding seamless security in the background

Spot and stop bots and account takeover attempts with our anti-fraud solutions. Prove number possession over a variety of channels at sign-in.


Seamlessly authenticate and protect users in all transactions

Ensure users are who they claim to be with our wide selection of authentication and anti-fraud solutions. Strengthen security around any important user transactions, before sharing any sensitive information with users.


Help your users update and recover their accounts quickly and securely

Prevent account takeovers and ensure phone number possession using multifactor authentication solutions, and help users stay up-to-date with PII data, account data, and password resets.

  • Flexible pricing on a variety of channels

    Transparent pricing and manageable costs, that are easy to scale up or down.

  • Always on local expert support

    Our expert support is locally available worldwide, 24/7.

  • Unparallelled speed and high conversions

    Direct connections to 700+ mobile operators ensure the fastest speed and highest rate of delivery.

  • Secure infrastructure

    Fully compliant infrastructure reinforced with anti-fraud solutions.

  • Global coverage

    Over 70 offices around the world to help maintain full global coverage.

  • Reliability

    SLA-guaranteed 99.99% uptime.

  • Ease of integration

    Simple APIs backed with integration specialist assistance as a professional service.

  • Innovation

    Innovative solutions developed with customers, for customers.

  • Failover options

    Multifactor authentication guaranteed by best-in-class omnichannel infrastructure.

One platform. Any Authentication​

Verify your clients on just about any channel with the best multifactor authentication solutions.

Reduced friction no longer means reduced security

Enhance your authentication layer with flexible anti-fraud solutions.


of global call anonymization target met


Increase in delivery rates, improved user security, higher revenue


Fast and Simple Client Onboarding While Optimizing Costs


Increasing One-Time PIN (OTP) delivery via SMS and Text-to-Speech (TTS) failover


Month-On-Month Growth in Registered Users After Introducing 2FA

Infobip is synonymous with innovation, making them a reliable communications platform for creating pioneering and new customer experiences. They go the extra mile, understand customer needs, and deliver solutions through use of right technology and channels, making them a partner to co-create with.

— Hari Chinni, Tech Sourcing Manager, UBER

Infobip provided us a solution that proved fast, reliable, and easy to implement. The monitoring features allow us to keep track of delivery rates in real time, which helps us keep our customers protected. Working with the Infobip team is a pleasure – their account management team is always there for us, and they efficiently solve any issues that arise. Improving customer security has helped us improve our revenue and profitability thanks to a cost-effective solution that was fast and easy to implement.

— Stefio Kurniadi, COO

When we first started to work with Infobip, our main incentive was optimizing cost but in time we noticed that their 2FA greatly influenced our customer experience and they played a part in helping us to reach 1 million satisfied clients. We are very pleased by their skilled support teams and all the efforts they are providing to optimize their products for us.

— Adrien Bonhomme, Product and Organization Manager

We are very satisfied with Infobip’s delivery rates that are over 97%, and that is why they are our main provider of SMS solution for one-time pin delivery. OTP delivery is a crucial part of our business and because of high delivery rates and technical support we value our cooperation with the company very much.

— Romain Pichard, Product Owner

Working with Infobip to incorporate two-factor authentication into the Leanpay app has been fundamental to achieving a monthly growth rate of 20%. The onboarding process is efficient, and the customer experience is much better as a result.

— Miša Živić, CEO and Founder