Two-way privacy protection with Number Masking

Offer anonymized calls over Voice with Number Masking to safeguard customer and employee data.

What is Number Masking?

Number masking a enables two-way Voice call without compromising either party’s phone number.

Anonymizing phone numbers helps protect end-users and employees from having their data compromised and still allows for clear and effective Voice experiences.

Privacy-centric Voice engagement

Protecting personal data is essential for any business. Providing customers and employees a way to communicate over Voice while safeguarding their number allows you to build trust around your brand and keep all parties satisfied.

Personal security

Number Masking helps prevent data leaks, inappropriate or unwanted interactions and misuse of customer data by anonymizing personal numbers and ensuring there is no way either party can gain access to that important piece of customer data.

Build trust

By ensuring all two-way calls are masked, you will build trust around your brand image. Customers will feel comfortable interacting with you over Voice knowing that the caller on the other end can’t access their personal information.

Employee protection

The security and satisfaction of your employees is just as important as that of your customers. Ensure they feel secure in completing their job and offer customers the best experiences over Voice without compromising their own personal data.

When to use Number Masking

Number masking is ideal for short term communication between an end-user and service provider, for time-limited communications, or for meeting and interacting with new people online.

Ride sharing

Both drivers and customers can converse in short calls without exposing genuine numbers.


Couriers can quickly reach out to customers to notify them about their package arrival without access to any contact information.

Online marketplace

Buyers and sellers can collaborate safely over Voice and ensure no unwanted communication takes place.

Freelance services

Service providers can connect with customers for the duration of their contract without having to give up personal information.

Accommodation rentals

Renters can call about accommodation access, key drop off or emergencies while keeping their number anonymous.

Dating apps

Meet and interact with new people on dating apps without giving out personal information before getting to know them with click-to-call features.


Allow for one-on-one interactions with healthcare providers over Voice without having to share personal numbers.

Market research

Keep survey participants anonymous. Execute election polls or surveys while ensuring no one’s personal data is compromised.

How to anonymize calls with [Number Masking]

Create secure interactions over API

Quickly enable Number Masking abilities through our flexible API options.

  • Number Masking API: each user can initiate an anonymized call
  • Click-to-call API: the system starts a call to one user and once connected, will connect them to a second user
  • Calls API: build your own Number Masking scenario from scratch

Offer privacy protection over Voice

Increase trust and protect your employees and customers personal data with Number Masking.