Voice use cases

Learn how you can apply Voice to your customer journey to offer amplified experiences.

Voice-based priority alerts

Personalize important Voice messages to gauge attention, reduce churn, improve loyalty and engage more customers.

  • Promotional messages
  • Welcome messages
  • Emergency alerts
  • Platform network status
  • Sales inquiry
  • Location notification

Implement with Voice Message API or Broadcast on Moments and IVR API or Flow on Moments.

Automated support

Provide voice assistance and reduce queues and waiting times. Route calls to the caller’s desired destination.

  • Automated routing for call centers
  • Call dispatch

Implement with IVR API or Flow on Moments.

Insights, reviews and feedback

Collect rich verbal feedback from customers and get contextualized insights over Voice.

  • Market research
  • Polls and voting
  • Focus groups
  • Customer service
  • Employee feedback
  • NPS survey

Implement with IVR API or Flow on Moments.

Voice authentication and OTP

Mitigate security threats from fraudsters by sending authentication messages over Voice.

Number Masking

Ensure two-way calls are anonymized and user data stays private with Number Masking. Connect individuals over a Voice call and safeguard their personal numbers with our Number Masking API, Click-to-Call API or through Calls API.

Orchestrate engaging Voice interactions without coding

Connect with customers anywhere in the world. Use local numbers, offer convenience and seamless experiences to quickly build Voice scenarios without any coding experience.

Cloud contact center

Offer customers human-to-human interactions with Voice on Conversations. Live agents can have a full view of past interactions and offer better customer support over Voice.

Customer engagement solution

Create event or behavior triggered workflows with Voice and keep your customers up-to-date on security alerts or messages with Moments.

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