Cloud-based Voice with SIP Trunking

Extend your phone system to the cloud through SIP Trunking for more efficient and cost-effective Voice.

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunking allows you to expand your existing phone system by running Voice over an internet connection.

By implementing SIP Trunking, your business can benefit from the scalability of cloud communications and connect with customers worldwide over Voice.

Interconnecting your telephony system with Infobip over SIP Trunking allows you to operate globally at a much lower cost. Use numbers from all over the world and incoming calls will be forwarded over SIP to your existing phone system for ease of use.

How does SIP Trunking work?

Your existing PBX system allows you to connect with people internally and externally by connecting to a public switched telephone network.

Enabling SIP Trunking takes your existing PBX hardware and connects it through the cloud instead of to the traditional public network.

This is done using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) which transmits a voice call over an IP network and allows you to connect to other devices, including phones, laptops and tablets.

SIP Trunking can be used for call setup, management and teardown and enables VoIP connectivity with your established PBX allowing you to connect with customers worldwide.

Talk smart. Talk unlimited. Stay connected.

Connect with your customers in the US with our Unlimited Plan and make as many domestic calls as needed at no additional charge*. 

SIP trunking customers can now enjoy the flexibility of connecting to end-users internationally with the perks of unlimited outbound calling. 

*Subject to a fair usage policy

When to use SIP Trunking

Not sure if SIP Trunking is right for your business? Learn how our customers use SIP trunking to digitalize their Voice service and reach more customers.

Worldwide connectivity

Use your existing PBX to reach customers beyond your local public network and reduce the cost of international Voice calls by enabling SIP Trunking. Your business can make outbound calls and accept inbound calls from anyone in the world over the internet.

Local numbers

Set up local phone numbers in multiple countries that lead directly to your PBX system. Customers can simply call the local number applicable to their region, and reach your agents and experts in whichever country you operate in.

Cloud call center

Plug in your existing phone number to our cloud call center Conversations. SIP Trunking takes calls directed to your existing phone number and reroutes them to Conversations where agents can manage customer communications over our Voice service.

How to get started with SIP Trunking?

Depending on your business needs, you can start using SIP Trunking over the Infobip portal or through our versatile Calls API.

Connect globally through our platform

Our platform allows for network provisioning which helps you set up SIP Trunk. You can easily configure your SIP Trunk solution and redirect numbers to be sent through your SIP to start connecting with customers worldwide.

Craft Voice scenarios with Calls API

Build your own Voice solutions from scratch over our granular Calls API. Develop Voice scenarios that allow you to receive and place calls through your SIP Trunk and connect calls over SIP with calls over PSTN or WebRTC, enabling you to build and adjust the perfect Voice solution for your business.

Bring your own carrier

Connect your existing solution to our tier 1 IP-based network for superior quality calls.

Integrate and connect on the cloud

With our cloud contact center, Conversations, you can quickly integrate and connect with customers over Voice using your existing phone number.

Keep the familiarity of your business number, scale your communication and reduce call center costs with one solution.
Enable your agents to work from anywhere, and connect with customers all over the globe with SIP Trunking over Conversations.

Ready to transform your Voice solution with SIP Trunking?

Digitize your voice service and reach more customers.