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Increase engagement among female gamers across the globe

The gaming industry was long perceived as predominantly male-dominated. But the reality is much different than that.  

A report highlights the rapid rise of female gamers in Asia. Currently, they make up 37% of the total gamer market and are growing at an impressive rate of 11% annually, outpacing the growth of new male gamers. 

This represents a considerable opportunity for a leading game publisher in North Asian territories, GAME HOURS. A passion for Taiwanese games and a continuous effort to develop excellent games in Taiwan have always been one of their main goals, with Macao and Hong Kong also being key markets. And to focus on female gamers they launched Light and Night, an immersive and interactive mobile game. 

While the female gaming market is expanding rapidly, it comes with its own unique challenges. 

Gaming trends are changing rapidly, and at the same time, female gamers have their distinct interest and preferences. Understanding this niche audience and the fast-paced market requires continuous adaptation and learning. 

To stand out in this competitive gaming landscape, they needed two things:  

  • Innovative conversational marketing strategies: Bold campaigns specifically designed to capture the attention of female gamers across multiple territories. 
  • Global reach with local expertise: A partner with an established network in their target markets, offering the global connections and communication channels necessary to reach and engage their expanding player base. 

Infobip, with its proven international network and experience in the gaming sector, was the ideal fit. 


Creating innovative campaigns that are interactive and engaging

GAME HOURS understood that reaching its target audience for Light and Night required going beyond traditional tactics. They needed to create engaging campaigns that resonated with female gamers. 

Their journey with Infobip began with the successful launch of a game called New Duolou Continent, targeting the Malaysian and Singaporean markets using SMS. 

Before adopting Infobip, GAME HOURS had previous experience with local Taiwan vendors. In comparison, Infobip offered a more competitive pricing structure for SMS. Additionally, Infobip’s global presence was a decisive factor, as they provided the required flexibility and coverage.    

Meigo Chang

Project Management Director

Soon after, they were looking for more conversational experiences for their campaigns.  

Infobip empowered them with: 

  • Voice – To personalize the experience with surprise calls from in-game characters. 
  • Customer engagement solution (Moments) – For personalized and automated customer engagement campaigns. 
  • SMS – For always-on communication. 

Let’s take a look at the Light and Night game.   

Players can create female avatars, making their own choices about the story’s progression, including pivotal decisions such as romantic encounters and the pursuit of love. The game features five distinctive male protagonists for players to choose from, who can be matched with the player’s female lead.  

However, to make the experience more immersive, they added a feature where the chosen male characters would make phone calls with the players within the in-game phone system to help boost engagement and retention. 

GAME HOURS wanted to recreate these conversational and personalized experiences in the real world. 

With Voice, this innovative idea became a reality.  

During special campaigns, players received automated phone calls from the male characters.  

This added a unique dimension to the player’s experience and provided an extra element of surprise. GAME HOURS were able to create automated Voice flows for each user easily over Moments, and were able to make changes in real-time. After the initial campaign, it was evident that players loved this approach and even eagerly anticipated receiving calls from their in-game partners. 

Setting up the Voice channel process wasn’t complex, and with GAME HOURS having a highly proficient technical team, they were able to get a handle on the channel within just a day or two. Additionally, the Infobip team assisted in communicating with the telecom carriers to increase bandwidth, ensuring smoother outbound calls. 

Meigo Chang

Project Management Director

GAME HOURS still uses SMS at various stages in the user journey, encompassing transactions, marketing communications, and identity verification. And as a fallback channel during the campaigns. 

This includes messages for: 

  • Identity verification
  • Password reset
  • Account top-up notifications
  • Payment confirmations
  • Game version updates
  • Notifications for major campaigns/festivities
  • Latest game news
  • Mobile number verification
  • Birthday reminders


99% of users who listened to the phone call went on to play the game

An impressive conversion rate showed that players who received a voice call were incredibly likely to engage with the game. 

Also, the campaign sparked discussions within the social community, demonstrated by significant increases in Facebook community engagement during New Year and Valentine’s Day events. This enthusiastic response showcases the deep loyalty GAME HOURS has built with its audience. 

10% increase in views on the Facebook community page after the New Year campaign 
6.8% increase in views on the Facebook community page after the Valentine’s Day campaign 

Using Moments, SMS, and Voice through various campaigns offered high delivery rates and increased gamer engagement. 

Light and Night SMS campaigns using Moments
Delivery rate: 85% 

Game launch 
SMS: delivery rate: 91%  
Voice: delivery rate: 73%

Valentine’s Day campaign 
SMS: delivery rate: 92%   

High delivery rates across Voice and SMS campaigns demonstrate the power and effectiveness of Infobip’s solutions. 

Our Light and Night game has seen incredible success, particularly with our immersive voice campaigns. Players are captivated by receiving personalized calls from their favorite in-game characters. These campaigns have significantly boosted engagement, showcasing the power of innovative, player-centric experiences. We’re grateful to have a partner like Infobip, whose platform and support made bringing this unique concept to life smooth and seamless. Their team understands our vision and goals within the gaming industry. 

Meigo Chang

Project Management Director

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Company Profile


GAME HOURS, headquartered in Taiwan, was founded in 2013. The company strategically develops comprehensive online services and effectively promotes diverse IPs and premium mobile games with local emotions and cultural stories unique to Taiwan to create memorable experiences throughout Asia. Starting in 2023, they’ve enhanced their domestic and international eCommerce services while investing in global human resource matching solutions. 

They have collaborated with various partners, including Thunderbolt Fantasy, Disney, SNK, Gravity, and more.