Imagine CX: Increasing revenue with innovative communication solutions via Infobip and Oracle’s partnership


increase in potential clients


increase in sales revenue


Need for a communications solution provider to seamlessly integrate with existing Oracle and address CX needs

Latin America’s leading business consulting firm Imagine CX, strives to be a strategic ally to brands by developing high-impact customer experience and digital transformation initiatives.

As an Oracle Gold Partner, they were on a look out for a comprehensive communications solution provider that they could easily integrate to scale their client’s customer experience and address a range of challenges and needs such as:

  • Centralizing customer information
  • Sending mass messages through WhatsApp
  • Routing customers to specialized advisors
  • Streamlining customer communication
  • Enhancing omnichannel customer experiences
  • Automating messaging processes
  • Personalizing customer interactions
  • Gaining data-driven insights
  • Improving customer engagement
  • Increasing operational efficiency

They needed a communications technology partner that could easily integrate with their existing Oracle Sales, Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Service solutions, and strengthen their business globally through:

  • Market expansion: By helping expand their services to new markets and leverage each other’s strengths and market insights to identify strategic opportunities and unlock new growth opportunities
  • Continued client success and support: Working closely together to ensure joint clients receive the highest level of service and support throughout their journey. Deliver exceptional customer experiences, drive client satisfaction, and foster long-term partnerships.

For Imagine CX, it was important to choose another Oracle partner with whom they could continue to explore new avenues for collaboration, identify synergies, and capitalize on opportunities. Along with having a shared goal to further expand and deepen the partnership, ultimately delivering exceptional value to clients and achieving mutual growth and success.


Partnering with Infobip to integrate WhatsApp Business Platform and Moments with Oracle Sales, Oracle Service, and Oracle Eloqua

Imagine CX chose Infobip as a partner due to our comprehensive communications platform, global reach, technological innovation, strong reputation, and partnership approach.

Our wide range of offerings allowed us to provide our clients with an integrated communication platform, while their global infrastructure and partnerships ensured seamless solutions on a global scale.

They integrated WhatsApp Business Platform powered by Infobip along with our customer engagement solution Moments with Oracle Sales, Oracle Service and Oracle Eloqua to enhance customer experience processes. This integration provided significant benefits to their clients and allowed them to send conversations to Oracle Sales, Oracle Service, and Oracle Eloqua.

This integration of Infobip’s solutions and Oracle with their microservice, allowed ImagineCX to:

  • connect customer information with agents
  • centralize all customer data in one place
  • give their clients a complete view of customer information, including purchased products, previous interactions, and other relevant details
  • efficiently manage and direct WhatsApp conversations

In addition, this integration of Oracle, Infobip, and Imagine CX has been a key factor to their growth and success. By leveraging each platform’s strengths and harmonizing the varied functionalities, the partnership allowed ImagineCX to create a unified experience for their clients.

Both ImagineCX and Infobip’s commitment to innovation, customer-centric approach, and successful platform integration helped foster a successful and mutually beneficial partnership.

Together, with Infobip’s hands-on approach and ImagineCX’s knowledge we have implemented various successful strategies and approaches.

In-depth needs assessment: We work closely with clients, understanding their challenges and goals, to develop targeted solutions.

  • Tailored solution design: Leveraging our platforms and services, we craft custom solutions that perfectly fit the clients needs.
  • Active support and collaboration: Ongoing assistance and open communication ensure swift problem-solving and adaptable solutions.
  • Innovation and evolution: We embrace tech trends and feedback, driving continuous enhancement and cutting-edge solutions.

The Infobip and Imagine CX partnership in action

Elevate customer chats

Imagine having all your customer chats in one place! With Infobip’s WhatsApp Business Platform and Moments playing nice with Oracle Sales and Service Cloud and Imagine CX’s expertise, several companies like digital platforms of basic SME services and real estate platforms in Colombia now manage chats seamlessly for a bird’s-eye view.

  • Chat history, sorted: Thanks to this handy integration, WhatsApp talks are neatly logged in Oracle Sales, making it a breeze to track past conversations and offer that personal touch.
  • WhatsApp at your fingertips: No more app hopping! The agents chat directly within Oracle, zipping up response times and keeping it all in one handy spot.
  • Tailor-made conversations: Now, WhatsApp chats work seamlessly with other interactions in Oracle Sales, paving the way for personalized, spot-on service.
Upgrade text messaging and automate processes

Mixing Oracle with Infobip’s text messaging and Imagine CX’s expertise allowed a well-known insurance agency nestled in the heart of Colombia’s financial landscape to serve up campaigns with a personalized punch.

Process automation: Through the seamless integration of text messaging services with Oracle Sales and Service Cloud, they have successfully executed highly effective text message campaigns. This integration has empowered them to leverage their CRM data for the creation and deployment of personalized campaigns on a significant scale through the capabilities of Infobip. Furthermore, with the strategic implementation of Imagine CX’s custom microservice, they have achieved process automation, streamlining campaign creation based on CRM insights, and enabling the automated dissemination of mass text messages. As a result, substantial time and effort have been conserved in the management of campaigns.


193% increase in potential clients and 5% contribution to sales

In summary, integrating Oracle, Infobip, and Imagine CX platforms has provided our joint clients with a unified and efficient platform to handle WhatsApp conversations, offering a more comprehensive service experience and improving customer information management.

This helped Imagine CX:

  • Generate more business opportunities resulting in a 193% increase in potential clients
  • Successful closing of major deals with a 5% contribution to total sales
  • Organize six impactful in-person events that saw a 200% increase in participation and strengthened the partnerships joint value proposition

Our partnership has yielded substantial accomplishments, including successful project deliveries for major clients in South America. These implementations showcase our expertise and the seamless synergy between our organizations.

In fact, one of our joint clients, a digital platform that provides services for SMEs, achieved substantial results including streamlined customer service and elevated experiences. By integrating Oracle Service Cloud with Infobip’s WhatsApp Business Platform and Moments, they witnessed remarkable impact: 388% increase, serving 75,000 services, with 60,000 seamlessly managed via WhatsApp integration in 2021.

Lastly, through the partnership Infobip and Imagine CX united for impactful joint marketing and thought leadership initiatives, joining forces in prominent events like the Customer Experience Conference (GO CX) and localized gatherings nationwide. These endeavors amplify the partnerships visibility, credibility, and mutual market positioning, harnessing shared experiences for elevated success.

Over the past four years, our partnership has produced significant results. We have generated business opportunities resulting in a 193% increase in potential clients. Our team has successfully closed major deals, contributing 5% to total sales at Imagine CX. Additionally, in 2023, we organized six impactful in-person events across three cities (Barranquilla, Cali, and Bogotá), which saw a 200% increase in participation, enhancing networking opportunities and fostering engagement. This data reflects the positive impact of our association and the relevance of our solutions in the market.

Katleen Carvajal

Head of Marketing, Imagine CX

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