Kakao: Increasing new user conversion rate to more than 90% with reliable one-time PIN delivery


new user conversion rate


Unreliable one-time PIN delivery

As part of Kakao’s registration process, new users are required to verify their identity using two-factor authentication (2FA). Initially, Kakao used a domestic SMS provider to deliver one-time PINs (OTPs). Their new customers were experiencing delayed PIN deliveries, or even completely unsuccessful ones.

The OTP delivery issues negatively impacted Kakao’s new customers due to many cases of poor connection and frequent technical issue. The company then decided to find a reliable global SMS provider – one that could also provide real-time delivery reporting to ensure continuous quality of service.


Integrating Infobip’s two-factor SMS Authentication to achieve a high delivery rate

Offering guaranteed global coverage and high-quality messages, Infobip was brought onboard by Kakao to improve their OTP delivery rates with our 2FA solution.

In addition to easily integrating the API with Kakao’s existing platform, the company was now able to benefit from Infobip’s in-house developed and maintained intelligent routing. Intelligent routing provided them with the ability to quickly react to low delivery rates and adapt by searching for alternative, higher quality routes to achieve high delivery rates.

An integral part of Infobip’s solution is the 24/7 support system and local presence in Korea that ensures Kakao receives dedicated service for troubleshooting purposes and technical training.


An increased new user conversion rate of more than 90%

Kakao experienced an improved quality of service almost instantly after implementation. The delivery time of its OTPs decreased from four hours to just 10 minutes during the onboarding process.

This has resulted in a high conversion rate of more than 90% and far greater recorded levels of customer satisfaction.

Infobip’s 2FA SMS solution has enabled Kakao to overcome its main pain points of message quality and support, by successfully delivering high-quality messages and providing a dedicated support network. Following the successful implementation of SMS OTP delivery, Kakao decided to use SMS to deliver other various transactional messages and important notifications to their user base.

We’re very pleased with our new user conversion rate, which would not have been possible without Infobip’s help. We wish to continue the win-win relationship we have with Infobip for more than five years now, creating better communications services together, through advanced technology.

Sally Han


Company Profile


Kakao corp is the company behind KakaoTalk, a free mobile instant messaging app based in South Korea. The platform has more than 43 million active users in the region, which accounts for 97% of all those with access to a smartphone. Worldwide, Kakao provides instant messaging services to more than 50 million people across 230 countries. The company’s overall goal is to provide global communications services that improve daily connections quickly and simply via its mobile lifestyle platform.