Readmoo: Scaling customer service and improving agent productivity with a unified contact center solution 


increase in customer service team productivity


Provide a high quality and cost-effective service to a growing customer base 

Readmoo is a pioneer in the eBook market, specializing in traditional Chinese texts. Launched in 2012, it has grown to over 1.3 million customers, primarily in Taiwan but with a global customer base of around 30%. As the first vendor to enable readers to switch between horizontal and vertical text flow it provides a flexible and easy reading experience. With all purchased books stored in the cloud, customers can read any time on phones, tablets, or Readmoo’s eReaders mooInk.

With high numbers of Chinese readers around the world signing up to their unique service, Readmoo wanted to be able to provide a fast, consistent, and high-quality service as the business expanded and the volume of sign-ups and product queries grew.   

The three primary channels for customers to get in touch were Email, Voice and Messenger. However, each of these channels was managed individually, with inconsistencies in response times and no sharing of information between them. As a result, customers often had to repeat information when they switched channels or spoke to a different customer service agent. 

Readmoo was looking for a provider who could consolidate all the channels that they used into a single solution and enable them to provide the service they were capable of in a cost-effective, and easily scalable way.  


A consolidated and flexible customer service solution

Having been introduced to Infobip via the Taiwan Internet and eCommerce Association, they recognized that we could provide the consolidated solution they were looking for, with the added benefit of an experienced local team in Taiwan.  

Readmoo provides a number of options for customers and the book publishers they work with to get in contact. Users of the Readmoo app on smartphones, tablets or Readmoo’s eReaders mooInk can fill out a contact form within the app which automatically formats the query into an email and sends to the customer service team. Within the form they can also choose how they prefer to be contacted. A similar form is also available on Readmoo’s website. 

By implementing Conversations, our cloud contact center solution and People CDP our customer data platform, agents would have a single solution interface for consolidating all requests and queries from Email and Voice channels. In addition, they could use Conversations’ direct inward dialing (DID) capability to transfer incoming calls from the landline to their laptops for easier handling.

Conversations’ workflow and reporting capability would enable managers to make optimal use of agents’ time and ensure short wait times and consistently good service for users.

Using People CDP, they would also be able to consolidate all customer data in a single location so that agents always had access to every customer’s history and context and therefore provide a more efficient and personalized service. Agents would be empowered to continually enhance the data, for example by adding phone number and address details if these hadn’t already been recorded. 


20% increase in productivity for customer service team and improved internal collaboration 

In addition to a significant improvement in the productivity of customer service agents, there have been other major benefits across Readmoo’s business.

Improved agent productivity

By removing channel silos and providing easier access to customer data, agents have been able to reduce the average time it takes to resolve queries and therefore handle more queries without requiring additional resources.

Our Conversations solution has also provided the customer service manager with clear visibility of each agent’s workload, who is currently on a call, who is working on urgent tasks, and the overall task completion rate. This has provided them with the tools required to improve team efficiency.

Overall, the increase in agent productivity has been measured at 20%.

Empowered internal teams

Consolidating all customer data in the People CDP has facilitated better information flow and collaboration between departments.

Improved customer experience

In addition to reduced wait times when contacting the support team, customers enjoy a more streamlined experience because agents have instant access to their transaction history and previous interactions. This means they don’t need to repeat information that they have already provided.

Readmoo is committed to providing the fastest and most effective service for our customers. With Infobip, we got a unified solution with a contact center and customer data platform that helped us unlock efficiencies, improve internal collaboration, and enable us to communicate more effectively with our customers over Voice and Email. All contributing to helping us achieve our business goals.

Lulu Liu

Customer Service Team Manager, Readmoo

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