Tawseel: 42x increase in ROI with conversational support via WhatsApp powered by a unified communications platform


increase in ROI


Small team of customer service agents handling up to 800 messages daily

As the leading eCommerce business in Kuwait, Tawseel Holding Group believes in continuous innovation to stay ahead of their competitors.

One area where this is particularly important is customer experience. Their customers expect immediate support, convenient buying journeys, and real time delivery updates. To keep up with their customer expectations they needed a mobile-first approach.

To address these challenges, Tawseel opted for WhatsApp Business Platform to provide customer support. However, their small team of agents were finding it difficult to manage the volume of messages leading to delays in resolution times. In addition, they realized the need to have a proactive approach and utilize the channel to send promotional messages and personalized offers to initiate purchase.

For this they needed a unified and cost-efficient solution that could help them orchestrate the entire customer journey from marketing to support over WhatsApp and leverage the channels conversational capabilities. That’s when they approached Meta to find a communications partner that would help address the painpoints and continuously innovate their CX.


Co-creating conversational journeys on a single platform, from marketing to support

After reviewing over 200 Meta partners, Tawseel decided to partner with Infobip. Our unified conversational experience platform, Professional Services expertise, and responsiveness provided Tawseel with an end-to-end solution that allowed them to scale and innovate.

In addition, our platform was easy to integrate with their existing marketing automation solution and the migration of their existing WhatsApp Business Platform account to us was seamless.

To help them orchestrate a conversational journey, they amplified WhatsApp with our:

The Tawseel team worked closely with our Professional Services team to design the chatbot flow and implement our solutions. Due to our platforms multilingual capabilities they were able to train the chatbot and provide promotional messages in English and Arabic, dependent on the customers preference.

Our professional services team provided support throughout the process, and our partnership turned out to be a pilot project where we co-created their conversational customer journey, from marketing to support based on customer data.

Tawseel were able to go-live with the innovative conversational journey within a month for two of their platforms Taw9eel.com and Sheeel.com. And later implemented it over Instagram Direct Messages and Messenger.

Now, after the customer opts in and initiates the conversation over WhatsApp, they’re asked for their language preference and demographic details. This data is captured by our customer data platform, which automatically updates the customer profile and enables Tawseel to personalize the journey. And the best part is the customer can change their preferences or update their details anytime during the conversation.

Based on the first-party data provided by the customer, purchase history and previous conversations, the chatbot can send personalized offers in a conversational manner. Prompting engagement. This is particularly effective for seasonal campaigns like Ramadan and Eid.

In addition, the chatbot can now resolve simple queries and answer FAQs, thereby helping reduce the agents workload. In case of a query the chatbot isn’t able to resolve, the customer gets seamlessly handed off to an agent who has the entire conversation history and customer profile on hand. Thereby, ensuring the customer gets prompt, personalized service without the need to repeat themselves.


42x increase in ROI, reduction in operational costs and decrease in time to resolution

Tawseel customer service significantly improved thanks to our conversational experience platform and WhatsApp powered by Infobip. The chatbot was able to provide prompt customer assistance, reducing the number of tickets logged via agents.

Their marketing campaigns over WhatsApp saw an increase ROI through a personalized conversational approach. During Ramadan and Eid, Tawseel sent hyper-personalized offers and campaigns based on customer behavior over the past 90 days.

They sent over 60,000 personalized messages resulting in an astounding open rate of 62.67% and a 42x increase in ROI for just one campaign.

Following a similar approach on Sheeel.com, they saw similar results. On their first campaign in April 2023, Sheeel.com sent over 113,000 personalized messages with a 60.80% open rate and 8.2x ROI.

Thanks to our platform and Professional Services team, Tawseel continues to see significant improvement in its overall ROI for its marketing efforts. In November and December 2023, they saw a:

42x ROI

for campaigns on Taw9eel.com

29x ROI

on Sheeel

On an average, they have seen an open rate of 53.72% for its outbound promotional messaging.

The thing that stood out with Infobip is that it’s not just a conversational experience platform but they have a passion for products that meet our customers needs. During onboarding and even post their speed of problem-solving stood out. Our customer service team is always able to send out any issues they’re facing, and the response time is quick.

Karim Abu Gharieb

Director of Marketing at Tawseel Holding Group

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