NIVEA: Celebrating diversity and reaching new consumers with innovative customer engagement campaign


of reach target achieved


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NIVEA aims to boost consumer engagement with a positive message celebrating diversity

As a world leading skin care brand, NIVEA helps people all over the world feel good in their own skin.

NIVEA strives to drive one-to-one communications with their audience, so that their consumers only receive messages that resonate with them as individuals.

This was especially relevant for their Cocoa Shades campaign in Nigeria and Kenya, which had the goal of creating engagement with consumers by empowering them to celebrate their unique skin tone and wear their skin with pride.

But how to reach and engage with as many consumers as possible with this positive message?

The key would be to define and understand the audience that they wanted to reach – to target people based on behaviors rather than demographics.

As well as promoting their Nourishing Cocoa Body Lotion, a secondary goal of the campaign was to start building up a database of consumers that had engaged with the brand.

This required the campaign to achieve as much reach as possible and encourage respondents to opt-in to future communications.


Combining WhatsApp and automated messages to drive consumer engagement and product awareness

For the Cocoa Shades campaign, WhatsApp was identified as the key communication channel due to its widespread use in the target markets. The challenge was to promote opt-in and then automate a personalized conversation with consumers who engaged with the campaign.

NIVEA needed a technology platform that could handle both the automation and personalization of the WhatsApp messaging, but also capture relevant consumer data for market research and future communications.

After extensive consultation, Infobip developed a solution that enabled automated WhatsApp conversations. The interaction was powered by:

  • our omnichannel customer engagement solution, Moments
  • our unified customer data platform People CDP for facilitating actionable insights and better decisions

Infobip with its Moments and People CDP products were a natural choice.” according to Temitayo Ige, the Brand Manager for Digital.

To achieve maximum engagement, NIVEA used multiple entry points – promoting the WhatsApp number on social media, through influencers, and via QR codes displayed at the checkout area instore.

This extended the reach of the campaign to previously unknown consumers and offered the opportunity to expand the customer database.

Respondents would send a picture of themselves to the #MyCocoaShade WhatsApp number to receive a stylized version of the image with their own personal skin tone that they could then share on their social media – exponentially increasing the reach of the campaign.

The exchange was effortless and positive – just like communicating with a friend.

As part of the conversation, the AI would also ask for consent for NIVEA to use the images on its own media platforms. The marketing team then selected a few to be posted on social media and on out-of-home advertising, including giant digital billboards in busy city center locations.


207% of campaign reach target achieved

As it was the team’s first campaign of this type, they were anticipating fairly modest engagement – in the region of one hundred photo submissions. However, within a short time of the campaign launching over 500 had been received, and all campaign targets were soon exceeded, more than double in the case of campaign reach.

NIVEA’s knowledge of the local market, the clever combination of traditional marketing techniques (flyers and billboards) with Infobip’s expertise and technology was a recipe for success.

The overall campaign results in numbers:

  • 564 entries received via WhatsApp
  • 2,772 new consumer profiles added to People CDP
  • Achieved 207% of reach target and 137% of impressions target
  • Organic reach of 250,396

In addition to quantifiable results, the campaign reached many potential consumers with its positive message and strengthened NIVEA’s brand reputation as an innovator.

With the help of Infobip’s customer data platform, People CDP, NIVEA is now building a database of consumers which can be reached out to in future communications.

Partnering with Infobip and the sharing of both best practice and the ‘art of the possible’ both contributed to the success of the campaign and paved the way for future wins.

The collaboration with Infobip was fantastic and we intend to use the campaign as a case study to show how Moments, People CDP and WhatsApp came together to drive engagement, which is something that hasn’t been done in any of our key markets.

Having Infobip as a partner has opened us up to a lot more possibilities – there is now so much more we can now do to facilitate one-to one communication with our consumers.

Temitayo Ige

(former) Brand Manager – Digital (CEWA), Beidersdorf

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