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How to Collect WhatsApp Business Opt-Ins

How to Collect WhatsApp Business Opt-Ins

Let us guide you through the WhatsApp Business opt-in requirements with four easy examples

Today, customers expect brands to be available on their favorite communication channels, like WhatsApp – the most preferred messaging channel worldwide. In fact, 68% of customers think that messaging is the most convenient way to contact a business, according to AdWeek.  

Now, with WhatsApp Business API available through Infobip, medium and large businesses can make themselves available on the channels their customers value most. 

The first step towards being able to message your customers over WhatsApp is getting them to opt-in. So, we’re here to guide you through what exactly an opt-in is and four easy ways to collect them.

What is an opt-in?

An opt-in is when your customers agree to receive messages over WhatsApp from your business by providing you with their mobile phone number through a different channel. Opt-ins must be collected before you message a customer using WhatsApp and is usually done via a third-party channel. 

It is your responsibility, as a business, to store customer opt-ins and to ensure each customer that you choose to contact through WhatsApp Business has agreed to receive messages on this channel. 

This step is required for both new and existing customers.  

How is WhatsApp preventing spam?

To make sure your messages don’t appear as marketing spam, WhatsApp enforces guidelines when it comes to using the WhatsApp Business API and collecting your customer opt-ins. Marketing messages are restricted, and the primary focus is on notifications and customer support.  

For this reason, the way you collect opt-ins is important, too. You want to inform your customers that they won’t be receiving marketing spam and that this new communication channel will be used for customer service only. 

To keep true to these guidelines, WhatsApp provides pre-approved message templates to be used by businesses when reaching out to customers. 

Below, we have outlined four easy and unobtrusive ways your business can collect customer opt-ins using different channels and various pre-approved message templates. 

4 ways to collect customer opt-ins for WhatsApp Business

To navigate your customers towards the opt-in process, there are several approaches you can use in your strategy to make the experience smooth and simple, while still abiding by the guidelines. 

Option 1: Use your website

No matter the industry that you operate in, your website is a great channel to use when inviting new and existing customers to receive messages over WhatsApp. 

Use your homepage

Your homepage is one of your best tools for driving conversions. Promote the opt-in option using a pop-up screen.  


Create a custom landing page

Another option is to design a specific landing page for this purpose only. This option lets you share more information about the new service in one place. 

You can attract visitors to your opt-in page by announcing the addition of WhatsApp Business as a channel and sharing a link on your home page, on your social media channels, or in your email newsletters

Customers give their consent by providing their phone number on the landing page. Then, to confirm successful opt-in, re-direct them to a ˝Thank You˝ page. 

It’s important to make sure that your landing page is responsive so that opt-ins can be collected on any device your customers use. 


Whether you use your homepage or a custom landing page, remember to follow the WhatsApp brand guidelines and include the proper logotype in any visual communication. 

Option 2: Use third-party channels

Oftentimes, the best way to reach out to customers is over the channels you already use to communicate with them. SMS, Voice, or ATM notifications will quickly grab their attention and help you get an immediate response. 

Use SMS as a door opener. Offer a simple, one-click opt-in option over SMS, so your customer gives their immediate consent for using WhatsApp as a channel for future notifications. Or, you can include a direct link to your landing page which will lead them to more information before opting in. 



You can also automate your opt-in collection process over Voice IVR. The process is simple – using automated voice messaging, ask your customers to give consent by pressing a specific key on their dial pad. As opt-in confirmation, send a ˝Thank You˝ message over WhatsApp. 

Lastly, for those in the banking industry, ATMs are an interesting communication channel. You can announce the opportunity to receive balance notifications over WhatsApp while inviting clients to opt-in. They can opt-in simply by providing their phone number directly via the ATM. 

Option 3: Use your existing process flow

Since customers can use WhatsApp to receive important notifications like order confirmations, boarding passes, and delivery notifications, they are more inclined to opt-in during the purchase process, therefore increasing your opt-in rate. 

This option is often best for retailers, airlines, and logistics companies since they can easily include a checkbox at various touch points where the customer would enter their phone number – for example, when they are entering their billing or delivery information.  


Option 4: Include it in your customer contact preferences section

During sign-up or when filling out contact forms, businesses usually offer new customers a choice of channels they want to be contacted on. If you’re using the same approach, you can include WhatsApp as a part of this list. Having WhatsApp as a part of your contact options can increase your sign-up conversion rate, since it’s the preferred channel for many consumers and may influence their decision to engage with you. 


To give existing customers a similar way of opting in, you can update the contact preference section in your customer account settings. Then, you can send an email to inform your existing customers of the change so they know to manually enable this option in their account settings, if they prefer. 

Tips to successfully increase your opt-in rate

No matter which option you choose, keep in mind that there are many ways to make your opt-in collection strategy successful. Here are some ways to increase your number of opt-ins:

  • Clearly communicate the value of receiving important notifications and updates on WhatsApp
  • Make your opt-in model simple to use, minimizing customer effort
  • Find the model that suits your existing processes and communication
  • Harness the power of social media – your customers are already online, grab their attention

Infobip is an official WhatsApp Business API solutions provider. By introducing WhatsApp Business, Infobip enables enterprises and financial institutions to engage and hold one-on-one conversations with a potential market of over 1.5 billion people in 180 countries. 

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