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Key Benefits of Using WhatsApp Business with Infobip

Key Benefits of Using WhatsApp Business with Infobip

Port your WhatsApp Business Sender to Infobip and engage your customers with the right automations and cloud technology.

Infobip became a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider in 2018, enabling medium and large enterprises to engage a potential audience of over 2 billion people in 180 countries in a familiar, trusted, and reliable way.

Since then, hundreds of businesses around the world have moved their customer communications to the chat app – with an aim to deliver rich, engaging experiences. Here we highlight the key benefits of using WhatsApp with our cloud solutions and API so you can make the most out of every interaction.

Why WhatsApp with Infobip

There are several ways businesses can use WhatsApp to enhance customer communications. Infobip enables this in an efficient and convenient way, making it possible for enterprises to scale their communications, grow brand loyalty, and fuel engagement.

Here’s why global brands choose Infobip as their WhatsApp Business Solution Provider:

Provide personalized customer support

Chatting in real-time with businesses gives customers the conversational experience they’ve come to expect. Using WhatsApp through our cloud contact center solution, Conversations, gives your agents everything they need to resolve queries as quickly and effectively as possible. From conversation history to customer context cards that display purchase history, account details, and more – your agents have access to relevant customer data in one screen (goodbye tab switching!).

Equally important is the ability to switch between channels. Our cloud contact center solution enables you to use WhatsApp alongside other customer communication channels so you can deliver a friction-free customer experience. Now, when a customer calls your contact center, you can redirect them to chat with you on WhatsApp – eliminating the need for your agents to switch screens or systems.

Using WhatsApp through Conversations also gives you insight into real-time analytics to help you make data-driven decisions. In addition to leveraging message delivered and read receipts, you can keep track of your agents’ time to resolution, average hold time, CSAT, and more.

You can also enable agents to work from anywhere. Since Conversations is based in the cloud, all agents need is a desktop, laptop, or smartphone and they’re ready to provide support anytime, anywhere.

Automate with chatbots

While using the right contact center technology is important – it’s just as important to implement automation that helps ease agents’ workloads. Using our plug-and-play chatbot building platform, Answers, to implement a WhatsApp chatbot is a surefire way to improve customer and agent experiences.

Keyword- and intent-based chatbots help you handle more queries – and offload frequently asked questions from your agents. This gives customers the quick response they expect while enabling your agents to focus on more complex queries.

Using chatbots to automate your customer service on WhatsApp helps improve your overall contact center metrics, including average hold or wait times, response time, and time to resolution.

Engage, inform, notify

Delivering an exceptional customer experience starts with the way your brand interacts with customers. Luckily, WhatsApp has started to roll out proactive notifications as a part of its business use cases. Combining this functionality with our omnichannel customer engagement hub, Moments, allows you to send timely notifications, reminders, and alerts to keep customers informed across their entire journey.

The best part? Moments lets you automate flows to ensure customers don’t miss out on any key information – and your marketers have more time to focus on complex tasks. The 360° view of each customer also enables you to tailor your WhatsApp messages based on customer preferences.

Tailor to your business needs

If you already have your own system in place, that’s no problem. You can easily integrate our WhatsApp Business API into your own system. Use it in combination with SMS as a failover channel, and other features, such as message templates, to deliver an outstanding customer experience that’s tailored to your business.

Port your WhatsApp Business Sender to Infobip

If you already have a WhatsApp Business Account with another provider, but want to benefit from our cloud solutions too, you can port your number to Infobip.