Key benefits of using WhatsApp Business Platform with Infobip

WhatsApp offers features that make it easier to connect with customers. To access its more advanced features you’ll need an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider to help you verify your account, utilize entry points, collect opt-ins, and more.

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Martina Ivanović

Senior Content Marketing Specialist

It’s no secret that customers want a simple and convenient way to connect with brands. But what does that look like?  

Well, ideally, they can communicate with a business on a single channel, without having to jump between apps and contact centers to get the support they are looking for in an instant.

That’s why WhatsApp Business Platform has become so popular for business messaging. Brands can create conversational experiences with their customers and efficiently manage customer support, sales, marketing, and other functions on a channel their customers already use. 

Let’s dive into the benefits of using WhatsApp Business Platform, how you can make the most of it with a WhatsApp business solution provider and discover how Infobip can help you digitally transform your business interactions.

Benefits of WhatsApp Business Platform

WhatsApp Business Platform offers features that make it easier to connect with customers for various use cases. 

Businesses now have access to a powerful and popular tool to connect with customers. A WhatsApp Business Account gives brands a competitive advantage allowing them to benefit from securely reaching audiences globally, going to market quickly, and being present on the world’s most popular chat app. 

One channel for every use case

Build end-to-end journeys over WhatsApp and apply any use case to enhance your customer’s experience with your brand while tracking the campaign’s success.   

Meet customers where they are 

Your customers are already using WhatsApp daily. Meet them in their personal inbox and start connecting on a deeper level to drive loyalty and brand awareness.  

Global reach 

WhatsApp is available in over 180 countries with 2 billion monthly active users, giving you the reach your business messages need to support growth.  

Private and secure messaging 

End-to-end encryption keeps your businesses messages private and customer data and information secure. Meaning, only parties included in the conversation can access messages. 

Simple integration 

It’s fast and easy to get started building a business account on WhatsApp. With a simple and easy to use API, developers can start designing message flows and user journeys to help boost engagement and improve overall experience on a single channel.  

However to do that you need a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider.

What is a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider?

To use WhatsApp as a business communication tool and take advantage of its more advanced features, you need to go through an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider.  

A WhatsApp Business Solution provider is a third-party service provider that offers the infrastructure, tools, and support necessary for businesses to integrate WhatsApp into their customer communication strategies.  

These providers bridge the gap between businesses and WhatsApp. Helping ensure compliance with WhatsApp’s policies and providing technical support to leverage the platform effectively.  

What can a WhatsApp Business Solution provider help you with?

1. Verify your business account

You can eliminate any doubt about spam messages by using a verified WhatsApp Business Account. With a little green check mark next to your brand name, your customers will know that your messages are legitimate and that they can trust your interactions.  

2. Utilize powerful entry points

There are many ways customers can start a conversation with your brand. These options include various online and offline, organic, and paid entry points such as: 

  • QR codes 
  • links 
  • inserting the number directly 
  • business search* 
  • fully trackable Click-to-WhatsApp ads on Facebook and Instagram 

*available only in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Indonesia, and the UK.

3. Collecting opt-ins

Customers must opt-in to receive messages from your brand on WhatsApp. Collect customer opt-ins once they contact you first over social media, your website, or through QR codes. 

This helps prevent spam messages and gives customers control over who can message them on their personal WhatsApp accounts.  

4. Quick replies

Offer customers an instant and easy way to reply to your messages and boost engagement on WhatsApp. With quick reply buttons, customers can choose the option relevant to them and avoid typing out lengthy replies. 

5. List messages

List messages are ideal for repeat orders or appointment bookings. They simplify your WhatsApp customer journey. And are customizable to your customer’s preferences.  

That means you can send them a list of relevant products or time slots to choose from directly in your WhatsApp conversation.  

6. Chatbot or live agent support

Customers can access self-service messaging flows from your business to get their questions answered quickly or interact with a live agent over WhatsApp for instant support.

7. Product catalogs

Make shopping and exploring your products simpler by offering product catalogs on WhatsApp.

It enhances shopping journeys by allowing customers to browse your products without switching apps or devices.   

8. Creating Flows

Create customized, ‘app-like’ customer experiences that allow customers to complete tasks or purchases without leaving WhatsApp.  

You can combine components like text fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, and drop-down menus to create interactive screen flows that will lead your customers through the customer journey.  

Use Flows to capture leads, orders, feedback, booking appointments, or complete purchases.

9. Payments on WhatsApp

Enable seamless in-thread payments on WhatsApp* where customers can use their preferred payment method to complete the purchase and quickly track orders in one place.

*Available only in India and Brazil

10. Secure file sharing

End-to-end encryption on WhatsApp ensures that only the receiver and sender can access messages. This way, your and your customer’s data and information are protected.  

You can securely share all important documents, including payment receipts, bank statements, images, videos, tickets, and more. 

11. Tracking the behavior

Once a conversation is started through the Click-to-WhatsApp ad, full funnel analytics will be available to you. You will see the return on ad spend for each ad. And it can help you make data-driven decisions and optimize future campaigns. 

Why choose Infobip as your WhatsApp Business Solution Provider?

We enable businesses of all sizes to engage a potential audience of over 2 billion people in 180 countries on WhatsApp using our platform. 

You can choose between integrating WhatsApp Business Platform into your existing system via API or using it through our omnichannel cloud solutions – Moments, Answers, and Conversations.  

You can also collect, store, and activate your customer data with Infobip People CDP

Read on to learn how to leverage our expertise and cloud solutions to deliver conversational experiences that convert and retain. 

Key benefits of Infobip as your WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

Boost sales with connected customer experiences

Setting up conversational experiences is becoming a standard across industries. Consumers prefer a single platform that offers a complete end-to-end experience rather than downloading multiple apps for different purposes. 

Combining WhatsApp’s vast feature set with our marketing, chatbot, and customer support solutions can help you build just that – one connected journey on your customers’ favorite channel. 

Combine WhatsApp’s rich and engaging message types to set up cross-sell or upsell campaigns, onboard new customers, and create an efficient sign-up experience using our omnichannel customer engagement solution. 

Then, use our chatbot building platform to set up self-service options by deploying a WhatsApp chatbot. Setting up quick reply and call-to-action buttons in your chatbot logic will help connect your customers to your website or customer service so they can complete the next step in their journey. 

Build end-to-end journeys with SaaS solutions

From there, you can enable customers to connect with a live agent in the same chat by connecting your chatbot to our cloud contact center solution. And with a pre-integrated customer data platform, your agent can pick up the conversation where the customer and chatbot left off – without losing conversation history or context. 

Using various message types across the customer journey will make each stage engaging. Having your marketing, chatbot, and support communication all on one platform will give your customers an uninterrupted experience. And at the same time, your teams will have a productive, efficient way to work. 

With ads as an entry point, end-to-end customer behavior can be easily tracked. As a result, you can deliver personalized, one-to-one experiences that increase engagement, conversions, and overall customer satisfaction. 

Active your customer engagement platform

In addition, to help you stay ahead of the customer experience curve, we continuously develop and deploy new features with value-added functionalities, including: 

  • SMS failover 
  • Easy access to out-of-the-box integrations with companies such as Salesforce, Microsoft, Adobe, and Oracle 

These add-ons help ensure high security and deliverability – so your customers never miss a message or compromise personal information. 

Maximize your ROI with tailored CX consultancy 

If you need assistance setting up your account or want in-depth, personalized consultancy services, our team of in-house CX professionals can help.  

They can help you transform your customer journey and leverage the full potential of WhatsApp as a channel on our omnichannel communications platform. 

Through collaborative design-thinking workshops, our CX consultants work with your teams to transform your business objectives into use cases that bring you the most value. 

Then, they help you design the best customer journeys with the right combination of chatbot, customer support, and marketing automation flows by applying human-centric conversational and behavioral design processes. 

However, if in-depth CX consulting is a step too far for your current business objectives, you can opt-in for a less hands-on approach. Our experts also offer a guided launch option with a fixed number of sessions. The goal is to get you up and running with the channel as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

With our years of industry expertise and best practices, you can maximize the return on your marketing and customer experience investments while providing superior customer experience. 

Advantages businesses experienced with Infobip as their WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

Choose the right WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

Whether your team has a do-it-yourself attitude about code or wants to be guided by industry experts – we have a solution for you. 

For agile companies who want to stay on track with all the news on the market, Cloud solution is a perfect fit because of higher throughputs and existing and upcoming features and message types that support eCommerce within WhatsApp. Alternatively, we offer the Infobip Hosted solution. 

Regardless of your sender hosting option, you can easily connect it to our leading CPaaS and SaaS solutions. Just follow the steps in our technical product documentation – or be guided by our industry experts every step of the way.

Unlock the full potential of WhatsApp with Infobip

Take advantage of our global reach, local presence, and over 15 years of industry experience to build end-to-end customer journeys that convert.

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