All you need to know about WhatsApp Cloud API and on-premise Hosted API solution

WhatsApp enables businesses to keep up with the ever-evolving environment that is customer communication.  

From engagement campaigns to transactional or authentication messages, to 24/7 support, WhatsApp has become a must-have tool for businesses to use across their entire customer journey. 

To meet the growing demand for business messaging and to streamline processes, Infobip now offers two different solutions for integration – WhatsApp’s Cloud solution or an on-premise (Hosted) solution. 

Read on to uncover the differences and benefits of the two hosting options.  

Summary of the differences between WhatsApp Cloud API and on-premise Hosted API solutions 

The main difference between the two is the location of the server. The WhatsApp Cloud API is hosted on a remote server that is managed by Meta, while Hosted API is on a local server that is hosted and maintained by Infobip.  

Besides the location, there are a range of differences between integrating WhatsApp on a Cloud or Hosted solution. Here’s a quick side-by-side comparison to highlight what you need to know:  

Cloud solutionHosted solution
HostingHosted and maintained by MetaHosted and maintained by Infobip 
FeaturesAll existing features are already implemented 
All newly developed features will be implemented to the Cloud solution first 
Majority of existing features are implemented 
Addition of new features in the future is not guaranteed 
ThroughputsDefault 80 mps 
Free upgrade per request up to 1000 mps 
Default 15 mps for text messages 
Possibility of upgrading up to 250 mps 
MaintenanceNew features and security updates are available automatically on the Cloud, while version upgrades are done by Infobip.

Doesn’t require individual deployment or software upgrades
Infobip performs all API software upgrades
Security and privacyProtected by Signal protocol encryption  End-to-end encryption 
Connectivity with InfobipAPI  
Conversations API 
Infobip SaaS solutions: Moments, Answers, Conversations 
Conversations API 
Infobip SaaS solutions: Moments, Answers, Conversations 

Benefits of WhatsApp Cloud API

Along with the interactive message types it already offers – product messages, list messages, buttons, quick replies, etc. – WhatsApp Business Platform is rapidly expanding and introducing many exciting features and possibilities – prioritizing Cloud development. These features will enable businesses to use WhatsApp natively for various purposes, such as payments or forms with fill-in fields, radio buttons, and more. 

Another benefit of a Cloud sender is high throughput.

Messages are delivered faster because the default quantity of messages per second is 80, and it can go up to 1000 messages per second if requested by the customer.

With Cloud senders, every WhatsApp message continues to be protected by Signal protocol encryption that secures messages before they leave the device. This means messages with a WhatsApp business account are securely delivered to the destination chosen by each business.

Benefits of on-premise Hosted API

With a Hosted solution, on top of all rich standard features, you can get add-ons like virus scanning for incoming media, auto-content cleaner, and identity change. 

Infobip will deploy and manage the process of sending and receiving messages as well as taking care of any updates that are available from WhatsApp. Infobip Hosted solution ensures that all messages are delivered on time by managing queuing and routing while complying with regional technical, commercial and legal requirements. 

Why partner with Infobip to utilize the WhatsApp Business Platform

As a long-term WhatsApp Business Provider and Meta Business Partner, Infobip empowers businesses to orchestrate their communication via the WhatsApp Business Platform API and with our cloud SaaS solutions: 

With global knowledge and a local presence through 75+ offices worldwide, we help brands worldwide harness the conversational capabilities of WhatsApp for their business and help them become high-performing, data-driven, and customer-centric organizations. 

Already have a WhatsApp account? You can simply port your number to Infobip and we’ll take care of the rest.

Get access to always-on professional services

WhatsApp onboarding package: We address your business needs and help you accelerate time to value, maximize ROI, and equip your team with knowledge on how to use our products. 

Customized CX consultancy services: Designed to help you navigate the complexities of creating engaging customer journeys and achieve the best possible customer experience. Infobip experts work closely with you to create a detailed project plan tailored to your needs. Through comprehensive training and project documentation, you’ll be up and running in no time.  

Custom integrations: Seamlessly connect our solutions with your existing infrastructure to maximize results and reduce costs. We also provide data migration services to help you transfer all your customer data from your old system to ours without any heavy lifting.  

Whether you decide on WhatsApp Cloud API or a Hosted solution, we’ll guide you every step of the way to ensure you drive the best business results with your WhatsApp Business Platform strategy.  

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Apr 11th, 2022
4 min read