Anghami: 265% Higher Engagement with WhatsApp Business API


increase in customer engagement


decrease in response time


easier campaign launches


Finding the right communication method to measure and track engagement with music artists

A music streaming service like Anghami has to give its Featured, Local and Rising Artists the platform exposure they need to attract and keep listeners, subscribers and advertisers tuned in. The Anghami team used email to communicate with its artists about promotional campaigns and activities. These email campaigns were time-consuming, labor-intensive, and inefficient for measuring and tracking events such as:

  • New artist releases and uploads to the Anghami platform 
  • Achieving milestone download numbers
  • Updating artists on follower and listener numbers

Anghami prides itself on providing a personalized experience and frequently took the extra step to contact artists manually using Instagram Direct Messages about their achievements. They were ready for a reliable, unified and efficient way to communicate and engage with artists.


2-way engagement through WhatsApp Business

Anghami’s dedication to the ultimate user experience meant they were open to assessing available communication methods for performance, reliability, and ease of use. Anghami trusted Infobip because they had implemented its Voice and SMS notifications solutions three years earlier. The resulting ROI in user experience and cost improvements since then made it easy to partner with Infobip again.

Infobip proposed the WhatsApp Business API from the world’s most popular chat app. More people trust and use WhatsApp than any other communication app.

WhatsApp Business API hit the right note for Anghami because it mirrored recent engagement patterns, which had been shifting from one-sided awareness to more of a conversational nature over the past few months. In October 2019 Anghami implemented WhatsApp and started reaching out to its artists.

Images lists five benefits of implementing WhatsApp Business for Anghami: API access, Automated Campaigns, 2-way engagement, Personalized Content, and Improved Efficiency.


97% decrease in response time with WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp measurably improved Anghami’s artist engagement and made campaigns easier to create and implement. For example:

At the end of 2019, Anghami sent each artist their individual musical milestones for the year. The team used WhatsApp’s automation features to implement and deliver personalized messages to every artist in just 16 hours! It was the first time Anghami was able to do this through a single channel. A 25% engagement rate within the first hour underlined its success with many artists sharing their Anghami milestones on social media like Instagram and Facebook.

Anghami’s results with WhatsApp have gotten considerably bigger and better in 2020:

  • 265% higher engagement on WhatsApp than email, up from 8.91% to 32.53%
  • 97% decrease in response time on WhatsApp compared to email: 4.5 minutes instead of 140 minutes!
  • 45% easier to launch campaigns on WhatsApp than email: No Front-End development needed and fewer teams involved (Copy, Design and Back-End)

Anghami plans to engage subscribers and other listeners next with personalized messages letting everyone know they can stream new music from their favorite artists, congratulating someone whenever a playlist they create grows popular within the Anghami community, and much more.

Today, engagement for Anghami is more conversational than it is about awareness. In some scenarios, communication needs to be a 2-way conversation. We want to bridge the communication gap with our users via a communications channel that is native to them. A solution to this has been made possible with WhatsApp for Business, thanks to our partnership with Infobip. We are still experimenting and iterating over the use of WhatsApp for Anghami and with the results we are seeing so far, we definitely have plans to expand much larger.

Ryan Saddi

Integrations Lead at Anghami

Company Profile


Founded in 2012, Anghami is the #1 digital music platform in the Middle East and North Africa, entertaining 70 million music lovers daily. Subscribers get unlimited, ad-free music in high quality audio on their mobile devices from 10,000 local and international artists. Other listeners can enjoy Anghami for free with in-app advertising. With over 30 million songs to search, stream, download and share, Anghami has the largest music catalog in the region and reached a total of 10 billion streams by the end of 2019.