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OpenSooq: 82% increase in Customer Satisfaction with WhatsApp Business API

OpenSooq: 82% increase in Customer Satisfaction with WhatsApp Business API

  • 82% increase in customer satisfaction score
  • 78% increase in agent productivity
  • 60% decrease in password reset and verification complaints


Complicated verification process due to unreliable message delivery

With over 45 million unique people using the platform, OpenSooq is the leading mobile-first classifieds platform in the Middle East and North Africa. Being the number one destination for automobiles, real estate, electronics, and fashion, the company has an item sold every 15 seconds.

As the leading eCommerce marketplace platform in the region, it was important for OpenSooq to have a seamless customer on-boarding experience that is cost-effective.  However, due to the unreliability of SMS delivery in the MENA region and OpenSooq’s dependability on this led to a complicated verification process.

OpenSooq wanted to create an alternative customer on-boarding, verification and service process that would consist of reliable, dependable, and cost-effective communication.


Integrating WhatsApp Business API to provide a seamless customer onboarding experience

OpenSooq already recognized Infobip as a reliable partner with a robust infrastructure to help create a seamless customer journey through WhatsApp Business – to serve their customers in over 19 countries. WhatsApp Business worked well as it was a channel their customers already used and trusted.

The WhatsApp Business API enabled OpenSooq to engage with their customers at every touch point of their journey – right from verification, password reset to agent interaction.

By implementing WhatsApp Business API through Infobip, OpenSooq was able to set up a more reliable verification system with two-way communication.

Initially WhatsApp Business was to be used as a solution to OpenSooq’s SMS verification process. However, using it daily showed the benefits of having it as a trusted channel of communication between agents and customers.

Since customers were comfortable using WhatsApp, they were more willing to engage over the channel to resolve issues.  

OpenSooq Use Case


82% increase in customer satisfaction and a 50% decrease in costs

The most significant advantage WhatsApp Business API brought to OpenSooq was being 100% sure that a customer could verify their phone number, the ability to automate verification errors, and detect users with verification issues. This resulted in a 50% reduction in costs.

OpenSooq cost

Implementing WhatsApp Business streamlined the password reset process and reduced customer complaints by 60%.

The integration of WhatsApp Business API experienced an 82% improvement in OpenSooq’s customer satisfaction score (CSAT), 78% increase in agent productivity, 65% increase in first contact resolution, and a 44% decrease in agent handling time.

OpenSooq CSAT

The easy integration of WhatsApp Business API through Infobip helped OpenSooq regain its customers trust as the reliable mobile-first ecommerce marketplace platform in MENA.

Ossamah Basaita
VP of Products at OpenSooq

“WhatsApp Business was the perfect solution to reduce our reliance on SMS for verification and password reset. The solution empowered our agents to serve our customers on a channel they are familiar with and comfortable to engage on. This increased customer trust towards our platform and allowed us to communicate with them through their preferred channel with 100% deliverability and a 50% cost reduction. Infobip understood our challenge and were patient in delivering the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution. Working with Infobip made the process of moving from SMS to WhatsApp smooth and the implementation easy to integrate, understand and execute.”

Company Profile


OpenSooq, headquartered in Jordan and with four regional offices, is the number one Arabic classifieds platform in the Middle East with over 2 billion monthly pageviews. OpenSooq connects buyers and sellers in real-time to be able to sell, buy, get a service or a job. It is entrusted by over 45 million unique people and businesses trading on the platform to sell over USD 25 billion worth of items annually and excluding the value of job openings and services being filled.

OpenSooq provides a vast majority of products ranging from Cars for Sale, Real Estate, Home Furniture, and Electronics among other services. Customers can also find their dream job or provide professional services through their platform.