How to verify a WhatsApp Business account

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Monika Karlović

Content Marketing Specialist

The WhatsApp Business Platform is known worldwide as being a powerful tool for marketing, sales and support use cases. Businesses are discovering what WhatsApp can do for business communications, especially those who have that little green tick beside their brand name. 

What is a WhatsApp Business account?

A WhatsApp Business Platform account is an account used by businesses to register and manage WhatsApp senders and templates. It allows businesses to communicate with their customers in a more professional and efficient way. 

With a WhatsApp Business account, businesses can create a separate presence from their personal WhatsApp account. It provides them with a range of features and tools to enhance their communication with customers, such as: 

Rich features: WhatsApp Business Platform offers several messaging tools to streamline communication. These include quick replies, which enable predefined responses to commonly asked questions, media, list messages, stickers and away messages to inform customers when the business is unavailable. 

Statistics and insights: WhatsApp Business provides analytics to track important metrics, such as the number of messages sent, delivered, and read. This data helps businesses understand customer engagement and measure the effectiveness of their messaging strategies. 

WhatsApp Business API: For larger businesses or those seeking deeper integration with their systems, WhatsApp provides an API which enables businesses to automate messages, integrate with other software, and build custom solutions. 

What is the green tick on WhatsApp? 

Although it may seem like just a tiny icon, the WhatsApp green tick serves as a badge that certifies your brand has an Official Business Account. It gives customers a better sense of trustworthiness by assuring them they are not interacting with a fraudulent account and improves your brand reputation with users.  

Unsurprisingly, it’s not all that easy to attain. Meta has specific guidelines and criteria that brands have to meet when applying for an Official WhatsApp Business Account and not every brand can get verified. 

Let’s walk through exactly what you will need to get a green tick verification on your WhatsApp Business Account.  

Criteria for green tick verification on WhatsApp

How to get your WhatsApp account verified

First you must apply for WhatsApp access, for example, with a WhatsApp Provider like Infobip. This step ensures you get a registered business account with WhatsApp and access to all the rich messaging features for B2C communication on WhatsApp. 

Infobip can then help you submit a request for the WhatsApp Official Business Account to get your green tick, or you can fill out the application yourself with help from one of our experts.  

Why is WhatsApp not verifying your number? 

The WhatsApp green tick verification is not guaranteed. Meta is strict and particular about which brands get verified on WhatsApp.  

Most small businesses won’t get verified but medium to large businesses have a better chance. Ensure you have a valid web page and verified Facebook page setup first before you apply.  

Even if Meta does not approve your request, you can still use your account on the WhatsApp Business Platform for all your messaging needs and get access to all the features that build strong conversational interactions with end-users.  

Learn about all the things you can do through the WhatsApp Business Platform API, with or without a green tick: 

Top tips for getting your WhatsApp account verified

1. Create a credible and reliable business website

Meta is looking for brands that have a solid reputation with customers, and a low-quality website will definitely hinder your chances at getting that green tick next to your name. Invest in a user-friendly and professional website to impress both end-users and Meta. 

2. Set up click-to-WhatsApp campaigns

Using ads that click-to-WhatsApp shows that you are an avid user of the WhatsApp Business Platform and places high value on the features and capabilities WhatsApp can bring to your interactions. These ads are set up on Facebook and Instagram and allow the customer to start a conversation with your brand. Customer-initiated conversations are free of charge and are open for 72 hours. 

3. Build campaigns around brand awareness

Brand awareness brings about many perks for organizations, one of which is the chance of getting green-tick-verified by Meta. Work on creating a better brand presence online and with your users through PR campaigns, collaborations with other brands or influencers and build up a strong list of references and reviews from customers. Meta also takes into consideration your social media presence, number of followers, likes and engagement. All of these will contribute to you building up your brand credibility with not only Meta, but your target audience as well.  

How can Infobip help you get WhatsApp verified?

Meta might make the final decision on whether or not your brand qualifies as a verified account, but Infobip can help you boost your chances at attaining an Official Business Account.  

We’ve assembled a team of WhatsApp experts worldwide who specialize in number registration and verification on WhatsApp – available in multiple languages. They will guide you on the best ways to use WhatsApp as a communication solution for your business, how to improve conversational experiences on the app and offer insight and support when you need it.  

We offer fast API integration, quickly get your number set up on WhatsApp, offer template options for messaging and can assist in setting up the right use cases.  

Become a professional WhatsApp Business Platform user with Infobip and boost your chances at becoming a WhatsApp verified sender.  

Build conversational experiences on the WhatsApp Business Platform API 

Jun 12th, 2023
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Content Marketing Specialist

Monika Karlović

Content Marketing Specialist