How to make a WhatsApp eCommerce customer journey

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Monika Karlović

Content Marketing Specialist

Building conversational interactions with customers is essential for modern retail and eCommerce businesses. WhatsApp eCommerce helps you deliver conversational experiences to your customers, with less effort than you might think.  

WhatsApp over Infobip’s omnichannel platform will help eCommerce retailers provide timely and relevant interactions that customers value and will keep them loyal to the brand.  

Create friction-free solutions for every stage of the customer journey over a channel customers know and trust, available on one platform. 

Improve customer experiences for:

WhatsApp with Infobip solutions
  • Marketing: Engage with customers with targeted campaigns 
  • Sales: Influence decision making and drive sales by collecting orders directly in the chat app 
  • Customer service: Offer 24/7 support at lower costs with live agents and chatbots 

WhatsApp eCommerce statistics

For modern consumers, convenient communication, reliable customer service and personalized connections are essential for them to remain loyal to a brand. Users prefer to communicate with brands over their favorite chat apps, and with WhatsApp being the world’s most popular channel, its sure to help boost your interactions with shoppers.

With global reach and a high open rate, your eCommerce campaigns, transactional messages and other interactions get the best visibility over WhatsApp.  

WhatsApp eCommerce activity on our platform

Last year we analyzed over 153 billion interactions that took place on our platform to uncover B2C messaging trends. We found that: 


of customer support and chatbot interactions happened on WhatsApp


increase in B2C WhatsApp usage compared to 2021


increase in retail and eCommerce interactions on WhatsApp

More and more eCommerce brands are adopting digital communications as per their customers’ demands. With the ability to build end-to-end journeys on a channel their customers are already using, WhatsApp is the deal and feature-rich solution brands need for conversational shopping experiences.

Why eCommerce businesses should use WhatsApp

Flexible marketing channel

WhatsApp offers a wide range of use cases for marketing so that eCommerce retailers can improve engagement and make the most of every interaction. From attracting new leads with unique entry points to sending promotional messages based on past behavior, WhatsApp can help you maximize your marketing investments.  

Increase customer satisfaction

Boosting customer satisfaction will help reduce churn and improve overall loyalty to your brand. With rich media messaging options and automated conversational support, the entire customer journey can be improved so that customers are inclined to purchase from you again.

Fewer complaints and better reviews

With increased satisfaction comes fewer pain points and reasons for your customers to raise complaints. WhatsApp over the Infobip platform allows you to be present with prompt responses and become faster at resolving issues. Since most WhatsApp users are on the app daily, it gives retailers the visibility they need to grow deeper connections with their customers, leading to better reviews and happier shoppers.

Optimize lead conversion processes

The Infobip platform will give you the power to post targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram that lead to WhatsApp conversations. When a potential customer opens a conversation, you can lead them through the entire customer journey in a single conversation. This convenience leads to better conversion rates and easier eCommerce shopping experiences.

Higher agent efficiency

Agents are often overloaded with FAQ inquiries and repetitive questions from customers. By adding automation to your interactions, you can save your agents time and lighten their workload so they can focus on more complex inquiries. You can set up message flows with predefined responses or build a WhatsApp chatbot to improve agent efficiency.  

Better eCommerce CX 

We want to see your business succeed. That’s why we offer CX Consulting that will guide you in building the best communication strategy using WhatsApp for the entire customer journey. CX Consulting support will help you determine which use cases and solutions are right for your business as well as clearly define goals and measurable metrics to create a plan that will boost engagement.

WhatsApp chatbot for eCommerce

To elevate your WhatsApp ecommerce experiences, you should consider integrating a chatbot to help guide your customers through their purchasing journey.  

Adding a chatbot can help reduce the workload for your support agents and help customers get answers to their FAQs, status updates, or other inquiries answered without having to wait long periods of time. 

Customers want instant support, and a WhatsApp eCommerce chatbot can help you provide that. And the best part is creating a chatbot is easier than you might think. If you aren’t a developer or IT guru and don’t want to use WhatsApp Business API, our chatbot building platform, Answers, makes it easy to craft the right chatbot with drag-and-drop options and no coding required.  

To learn more about how to build the right WhatsApp chatbot for your business checkout this blog:  

How to set up a WhatsApp eCommerce store

Here’s a quick look at how to set up a WhatsApp shop to increase sales and reach more customers:  

  1. Set up a WhatsApp Business Account  
  2. Customize your profile with brand name, logo and description 
  3. Set up easy access entry points to your WhatsApp channel 
  4. Design and deploy a WhatsApp chatbot for eCommerce 
  5. Set up promotional catalogs and product messages in WhatsApp 
  6. Send payment requests over WhatsApp 
  7. Set up re-engagement campaigns  
  8. Ask for feedback  

Sound simple enough? 

Well, it takes a lot of strategic planning and development for your WhatsApp store to become a successful medium for sales and marketing. With a well-designed WhatsApp store, eCommerce retailers can increase their visibility and reach more customers, while providing a convenient and personalized shopping experience. 

Let’s breakdown the details, features and best practices that go into making these eight simple steps profitable for your brand and beneficial for your customers with an end-to-end customer journey on WhatsApp.  

How to use WhatsApp for eCommerce

Stage 1: Discovery

Stage 2: Consideration

Stage 3: Purchase

Stage 4: Delivery and service

Stage 5: Retain and re-engage

Connect your WhatsApp account with Infobip

Infobip offers an all-encompassing platform that, together with WhatsApp will help retailers scale their communications, reduce pain points and boost engagement.  

WhatsApp Business API integration 

Quickly integrate WhatsApp Business API into your existing communication stack and start building customer templates over a flexible and comprehensive API. With clear and concise documentations and always-on integration support, you can instantly start building the right customer journeys for your eCommerce customers.  

Use WhatsApp over a no-code platform  

If you aren’t a developer, then our code-free interface will allow you to integrate and start using WhatsApp without any complications. Our platform allows retailers to maximize their usage of WhatsApp and apply any use case across the entire journey with: 

Infobip has over 40 data centers worldwide and with over 2 billion active users on WhatsApp eCommerce companies get the reach and visibility they are looking for to grow their business. From pre to post purchase, retailers can add value to every interaction by crafting conversational experiences using Infobip solutions over WhatsApp. 

Companies using WhatsApp for customer service, marketing and sales

Get started with the WhatsApp Business Platform

Customers expect fast responses, personalization, and relevant campaigns from retailers. Easily offer them conversational experiences that leave an impact with WhatsApp over the Infobip platform. Take advantage of CX consulting to determine which use cases will help optimize the customer journey for your business and reduce pain points for your customers. Boost sales, engagement, and customer satisfaction by applying WhatsApp and Infobip solutions throughout the entire customer journey.  

Want to add WhatsApp to your communication strategy?

Apr 3rd, 2023
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Content Marketing Specialist

Monika Karlović

Content Marketing Specialist