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How to Reach More Customers with WhatsApp Business API

How to Reach More Customers with WhatsApp Business API

Learn how Facebook ads that click to WhatsApp help potential and existing customers start conversations with your business via their favorite chat app

With its global reach, WhatsApp has become the number one communication channel for over 2 billion users worldwide. And ever since it opened for businesses, it became the must-have customer messaging channel.  

With WhatsApp Business API, the chat app gives businesses the opportunity to interact with customers on a channel they love and trust. This has resulted in increased customer satisfaction while being perceived as innovative and customer-centric.  

The most important step when launching WhatsApp as your new business communication channel is to have an efficient awareness campaign – targeting existing and potential customers.  

It’s vital to clearly communicate the value for customers and how they can contact your business when required.   

To ensure high-quality communication with customers, WhatsApp has clear rules of engagement – connection is allowed only with customers who opted-in or started a conversation by reaching out to your business directly.  

Moreover, WhatsApp itself doesn’t offer any advertising opportunities, which leaves businesses with a challenge – how to inform existing and potential customers about their WhatsApp Business channel? 

To help you tackle this problem and make the most of your WhatsApp channel, we’ve outlined how Facebook ads that click to WhatsApp can help you increase leads and customer-initiated conversations. 

Spread the news where your customers are 

The tactics most businesses use when introducing WhatsApp are PR activities, newsletters, digital ads, and newsfeed announcements on official social media channels.  

But one opportunity you should definitely include in your awareness strategy is – connecting your WhatsApp channel with Facebook and Instagram. Once you have done that, you can boost it to the social media giants’ audience network through ads that click to WhatsApp. 

What are ads that click to WhatsApp? 

Ads that click to WhatsApp are a shortcut to start conversations with your customers. 

With ads that click to WhatsApp, you can simply connect your existing Facebook posts and ads to your WhatsApp channel.  

These ads are the same as the regular Facebook and Instagram ads, but with a  Send Message button.  

Once clicked, your customer will automatically be directed to your official WhatsApp Business channel, allowing them to make the first move – quickly and easily. 

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Why to use ads that click to WhatsApp? 

The use of ads that click to WhatsApp are a useful addition to your social media promotion strategy. 

It can help you during the: 

  • Discovery phase – when introducing it as a new communication channel or trying to reach out to new customers 
  • Announcement phase – when launching a new product or service and want to build traction and interaction around it 
  • Retention Phase – to inform existing followers about WhatsApp as a support channel 
  • Urgency Phase – when you’re trying to reach out to a wider audience during critical and uncertain time 

Using click to WhatsApp ads can result in: 

  • Wider reach: Facebook and Instagram together boast of a an audience network of over 4 billion active users. With targeting options, you can reach out to a wider audience in addition to your existing database. You can target people by interests, demographics, social media behavior or even their likeness to your existing audience. 
  • Increased diverse user base: Through click to WhatsApp ads you can increase your user base by reaching out to the entire Facebook and Instagram audience network and gain new users as opposed to just interacting with existing users. 
  • Contact made Quick and Easy: Customers only need to click on a button to reach you for more information. They’re immediately directed to your WhatsApp chat seamlessly to a chat environment that they are familiar with. 
  • Decreased Agent Effort – Agents are immediately told through which ad the customer has contacted you, ensuring they are contextual and productive. But you can also do this by using a chatbot and provide 24/7 service. You can provide self-service options and automated responses for FAQs. Leaving the complex queries to the agents.   
  • Higher Customer Service and Satisfaction: Today, 82% of customers expect an immediate response from brands regarding marketing or sales queries, and 68 % of customers agree WhatsApp is the best channel to reach out to businesses. By introducing click to WhatsApp ads, combined with a simple chatbot, you’ll be able to meet or even exceed their expectations, especially when they are in the research stage, and searching for more information about your products or services. 

How to start with click to WhatsApp? 

Ads that click to WhatsApp are Facebook’s feature, helping you to simply connect your existing Facebook Business page with your WhatsApp Business account. 

  1. Log into your Facebook Ads Manager account 
  2. Choose your objective: connect and chat with potential customers or get more people to engage with your posts 
  3. Create your ad: choose between a newsfeed post with a ˝send message˝ button or an Instagram story with a ˝swipe up to chat˝ call-to-action 

To increase awareness and give customers the opportunity to connect with your business,this entry point is simple, yet useful to promote your WhatsApp presence. 

Consider also integrating other entry points such as widgets on your website and increase your chances to inform your customers and the opportunity for them to connect with you easily, wherever. 

In addition to Facebook’s nifty new ad, other ways some businesses have promoted WhatsApp is through traditional offline media, a widget on their website, or through customer communications. 

So, get set to increase your user base and deliver great customer experience through WhatsApp Business API. 

Increase your customer satisfaction with WhatsApp Business API