Enrich: Increased sales and customer loyalty with Conversations


return on advertising spend (ROAS)


New customer demand led to a need for new communication channels

Before the pandemic, Enrich appointments used to be scheduled in-store, over the phone, through email, or on social media.

However, when Enrich decided to revamp its home salon services, the number of calls to its central line increased, and the salon’s agents began to feel overwhelmed. For this reason, the salon wanted to find the best way to talk to customers so they could provide a better experience to home salon clients and appointment booking agents.

To do this, the salon surveyed its clients to understand their preferred channel for scheduling appointments. As a result, 83% showed a tendency towards chat support when booking an appointment instead of calling.

In addition, after Enrich’s home services were revamped, the global pandemic and lockdown took place which influenced the salon’s search for new ways to help clients from a distance.

To meet this new customer demand, Enrich first needed a solution that would help automate its appointment scheduling process and later, enable effective ways to provide customer support in unexpected situations.


Using WhatsApp through Infobip’s cloud contact center solution to stay connected with customers

Enrich decided to introduce WhatsApp as a new customer communication channel using Infobip’s cloud contact center solution, Conversations – considering the popularity of the channel within the region.

WhatsApp is made for our market – everybody loves to chat in India.

Sachin Kamat

Director, Enrich

Automating appointment scheduling before the pandemic

To create an engaging, simple, and fast experience for its customers and agents, Enrich created 87 queues (one for each location) to route customers to the right agent based on their chosen city and salon. This means that all Enrich agents use the same solution and interface, however, each agent across the region has a personalized view of the queries that are directed to them.

The salon also decided to build a self-service chatbot on WhatsApp to automate its appointment scheduling process for its home salon services. In addition, Enrich set up a Click to WhatsApp campaign to raise awareness for their new communication channel to encourage more customers to contact them through the chat app.

example of a conversation with whatsapp chatbot

WhatsApp as a support channel during the pandemic

Shortly after using WhatsApp to handle home salon appointments, the global pandemic took place, and Enrich found new ways to use the channel to stay connected with customers at a distance. In addition, using the channel through Conversations enabled Enrich agents to work from home while continuing to provide support during the lockdown.

Since WhatsApp enables businesses to share rich media, such as images and videos, the salon used the opportunity to share do-it-yourself beauty tips with its clients. The rich media feature also enabled clients to make purchases through the chat app by sending a picture of the product they’re interested in – as well as send delivery information.

Once the lockdown was lifted, the salon was able to use WhatsApp through Conversations to share store opening information, working hours updates, and to send surveys to track customer satisfaction.


Personalized customer experiences and ongoing support led to increased sales and loyalty

Since automating its appointment scheduling process, Enrich can now offload work from its central team. In addition, using WhatsApp through Conversations before, during, and after the pandemic helped the salon deliver a personalized customer experience that increased sales and customer loyalty.

We have zero window shoppers. We are very lucky to know all our customers personally by name, know what their last treatment was, and what their preferences are – and Conversations helps us show them that we care!

Dipika Mundhara

Assisstant Manager – Digital Marketing, Enrich

The salon also experienced a 13.8x return on advertising spend (ROAS) from its Click to WhatsApp campaign which was set up before the pandemic.

13.8x Return on advertising spend

Enrich agents are equally as satisfied with Conversations since it gives them a complete view of chat history and customer context – helping them avoid repetitive questions, such as ˝What was your last treatment?˝ or ˝Which products do you normally use?˝ – so they can resolve queries faster and book more appointments.

Using Infobip’s solution played a role in sustaining Enrich’s position as a digital pioneer in India.

Infobip’s cloud contact center solution, Conversations, helped us automate our appointment scheduling process with a chatbot on our customers’ preferred channel – WhatsApp. Now, our customers receive fast, simple support and are routed to an agent at their chosen salon location. As a result, our agents deliver personalized customer experiences that increase sales and customer loyalty.

Dipika Mundhara

Assistant Manager – Digital Marketing

Company Profile


Enrich runs the largest chain of CoCo (Company Owned & Operated) hair & beauty salons in India. With almost 2,000 employees and 83 salons across six cities, they serve 130,000 unique customers every month. They’re the largest chain of their kind in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Vadodara, and Surat, and have ambitious growth plans. Apart from being awarded the Best Regional Salon Chain of the Year for three consecutive years, they have also been awarded for The Best Salon in Digital Marketing, Regional Retailer of the Year, and the Award for IT Impact. Enrich is a digital pioneer in its domain in India.